3 Reasons Why You Must Quit FACEBOOK And Join TWITTER


First and foremost good afternoon to all social media fraternity. I am humbled once again this afternoon  to educate you folks some little facts about social media.

As i am about to tell you why you need to quit Facebook, keep in mind that am also using this thing,however ill be quitting soon. Two,know that this blog has not been sponsored by Twitter,am just talking my mind off,just like a real nigga.

I will state some THREE reason why you need to quit Facebook and join twitter,the reasons are based on my understanding of continues use of both twitter and fb . Here we go:


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1) Facebook lacks privacy:
Think of a situation where you go up on a stage and start narrating every thing about you. Starting by naming your parent,stating where you were born and grew up,were you schooled,what you do for a living,when you had your first kiss,who you are in a relationship with bla bla bla and so on.

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Well i think no one can do this in this world, but unknowingly. We tell fb all this things so as to allow our accounts get approved and at the end of the day we end up gaining nothing for broadcasting our self to the world.

Compare this to twitter where you have to express yourself or should i say write you bio in 160 characters,which will determine how you will gain followers provided that the longer the bio the more your handle gets ignored. For instance my bio is:
“~a Real Human by Default~”
ain’t this brief.

Well for privacy reasons you need to quit fb immediately and join twitter.

2) No one cares about what you are doing:

You upload a photo to fb with your friends drinking and weeding up. Expecting 100 like and comments of people  calling you gang names but end up with 2 likes from the people who appear in your photo. This simply implies that people don’t care about you, some desperate people might even go ahead and send an in-box requesting you to like their damned photos and status that do not even concern you,bitch please!.

Comparing this with twitter,where their is no like and comment sh*t,it is far better, besides twitter is the only street where you talk to yourself and still feel normal.

3) twitter is fun than Facebook,

Although its hard to realize this, little patience will take you there.

Compare Reading a 100 character joke and reading a 2000 + characters joke,a twitter joke can make you pee trust me. I even once laughed in a matatu. Talk of the power of the #hashtag. Twitter just so fun bruh!

Now that i have told you three unique reasons to change your online life,just share this with your fb friend to change a nigga’s life.

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