3000 Moi University Students Issue a Demonstration Notice Over Lack of Hostels

Aspirant moi university room booking

3000 Moi university students have threatened to go on the streets if their plight will not be heard soon.

The students are mainly those who missed the rooms in student hostels and have been forced to look for accommodation elsewhere.

moi university room bookingMoi university students reported back to the institution on 12th of January 2015. The rooms which were to be booked on-line were all declared filled up before the end of the day.

Some affected students told Magazine Reel that they felt cheated by the student leadership and the school management. They said that there must have been corruption deals below the carpet which only ensured that those from a certain section got rooms while others from another quarter were left to suffer.

The students also faulted the administration and halls department move of buying mattresses instead of building more hostels to cater for the growing number of students in Moi university.

Others said that the portal was for the better part of the deadline day out of service or hanging and most of them could not access it. They also added that the continuous changing of room booking dates by the administration was also to blame for the crisis.

The students pledged to marshal support from other groups who managed to secure rooms in filthy environment to join their querst in pushing the management to provide a better and affordable alternative for them.

Students who had resorted to staying outside the institution’s hostels also said that they were forced to drop their desire because of the hiked rent rates in the area. They said that most of them were already facing the giant of deferment due to lack of school fees at their doorstep and could not attempt to spend hard earned HELB money to settle high rates of rent.

The group has called on to the student leadership together with the administration to ensure that they check on students welfare beforehand to avoid such scenarios from happening in Moi University in the future.




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