Business Day At Kisii University Graduation Ceremony


It was a busy Friday in kisii land more so in kisii university, because of the 3rd annual graduation ceremony which was held. The young and promising Kisii University, was awarded a chatter in 2013, to be an independent university from its mother, Egerton university.

All businesses which are involved with ceremonies and events were present in the graduation ceremony. These included: Flower venders, chips venders, photographers, bodaboda operators and taxi operators were not left out in fetching making good cash.

Kisii Grad 2The business minded people had to go home with full wallets as they made profits. These people woke up as early as 5AM to capture the best bussiness site for their hustle. In the university, the best site was at the main gate, as it was the main entrance to the graduation square.

Flowers and graduation cards were selling as high as Sh.800 depending on the size. This was a harvesting day for such people as every graduate had to keep such cards for memories. The bodaboda operators had a busy day ferrying people from kisii town and other placed to the main campus. The fare hiked to one hundred from as low as 30/- in normal semester sessions. Photographers took the best captions as they made temporary studios for their jobs. They charged sh.50. Paparazzis were not left out in this bussiness as they had the best shots of that day.

kisii grad 3Every graduate did what he would do to have a smile to the camera with their families. The lodging services also had a bussiness harvest as on the previous day, some guardians had arrived a day earlier before the D-day. They had to pay Sh.1000 for one night. What a harvest!!

Kisii 4Mind you, the coca cola company displayed their products to the large population. Companies  too gamble in such occasions? “Today is our day! We will cash in some monies! I wish the graduation ceremony was held twice an year! At least leo nitalipa rent!” A bussiness lady, who is a student in the university said. Although Kisii University, spend some quit amount of money to renovate the university, graduates had to pay Sh.5500 to rent the gowns.

All in all, the day will remain memorable to people who were bussiness oriented and innovative enough.



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