Apply For The CoreTech Foundation’s Apps for Humanity Prize Challenge


CoreTech Foundation’s Apps for Humanity is inviting software developers from around the world to come up with innovative ideas for open source apps that help nonprofit organizations solve humanitarian issues.

CORE creates a foundation of base-services that will drive rapid, inexpensive software development that can run on multiple infrastructure abstraction layers: i.e. any hypervisor, any infrastructure, any PaaS platform. Unlike today’s methods that price many necessary projects out of the market, CORE services are meant to open new pathways for low cost and rapid innovation. By providing building blocks into the global community at no cost, students and experienced developers alike can more quickly solve problems and deploy them into the community or commercialize those. Just as the desktop publishing revolution sparked creativity around the world so will CORE services spark technical innovators to try new things at minimal cost.
It’s goal is to help charities implement technology solutions to accomplish their missions.  We do this by providing a set of open source software tools called CORE (Central, Open, Reusable, Easy).
The CORE architecture is comprised of a set of components designed to be used interchangeably to enable to development of high quality services in a fast and cost effective manner. The architecture leverages a variety of open sources and COTS (“commercial off the shelf”) components to deliver this capability. CORE is free to use by anyone, with or without our help. However, many charities lack specific technology domain expertise. In these cases, we provide world class technology strategy, planning, and development services to our partners.

Technology is expensive and nonprofits can’t afford many existing solutions or even realize that they need technology to achieve results. Core Technology Foundation, Inc. (CoreTech) has built an open source platform called CORE to help nonprofits build applications that easily scale to impact hundreds of millions of lives.

CoreTech is looking for innovative and executable ideas that use CORE to help address a social or humanitarian issue. The winning idea will receive $20,000 USD. You may visit the Apps for Humanity ideation challenge page to find out more and to register as an innovator. No entry fee is required. Last date for submission is February 15, 2016.




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