Kisii University Gains A News Face In Renewed Painting


Kisii university main campus has moved a step ahead in renovating it’s buildings into newly painting ones. The blue and white paint, which form the university’s loyal colours, were repainted again to give it a new shining face. This project was started one week before the 3rd graduation ceremony and it has since then continued upto date. More modern buildings were also made and finished to make the institution really be a 21st century university. db703ced-1c72-4e15-8417-da7feee0cff7The university colours are blue, maroon and white for its identity as every asset in the university has one of these colours. A good example goes is the administration block which is blue and white, similar to the university buses. Experienced ‘Peter Marangis’ did their jobs perfectly to impress ones eyes.

f5d0009d-85b7-462c-97a1-1871ebb13f46“Painting is the best way to make a building look neat and clean! They make old buildings look new no matter how long they have stood on their foundation,” Amos Nyambega, a painter, said. The university is said to spend some quit a substantial amount of cash in this project but it is worth as the finishing appeared perfectly done In the same project, the students’ mess was also renovated. This saw the old floor tiles replaces with new ones to give it a smooth finishing for comrades to enjoy their food comfortably. New computer laboratories were put into consideration to help IT students in their practicals and classes. These labs replaced the old ones.

7d079c57-3074-41b1-88e6-6a753b2098a1Alot has been done within the institution to see it become one of the best university in Kenya. A radio studio is also under installation to serve Kisii and Nyamira counties. This is to be run by media students hence fully baked students from the institution. In the new Kisii university, lots of development has been seen as compared to the last academic year. Next academic year students will enjoy better services in the university.48422590-c9d3-4860-a116-bea5a707657f

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