Friday Briefing: Egerton’s Amisi,KU’s Were,Jkuat’s Jomo and UON’s Babu Who Is The Best?


Students leadership has come along way,from the days of James Orengo ,the agenda championed by their likes back then is different from the current crop of student leadership.The old folks had their own challenges same to the current generation ,that they have a meeting point is something way off imaginations.While student leaders in the past concentrated on national issues and tied almost all the problems facing students in the university to national politics and image.The current bag of leadership has restricted itself to the university with only a few daring into national issues.Well time have changed.Today on Friday we look at the leadership at the University of Nairobi led by Babu owino,Were Were of Kenyatta University,Jomo of JKUAT Before heading straight to Egerton university where we speak about Edwin Amisi Otieno.Friday Briefing begins now

Starting off with Babu Owino,he will be seeking to defend the SONU president seat for the fourth time in a row in the next elections ,his style of leadership has been described by many as dictatorial and more authoritative,despite all these he still wins the heart many students who refer to him as “Comrades mole” because of his ability to fight for their rights even if they are on the wrong.

To Babu ,comrades are always right.His ability to survive at the helm of SONU politics however can be traced to the manner in which he uses propaganda to neutralize his opponents.He also recruits new and fresh team from first years who are then trained on how to sell his image and SONU to students,Babu values communications between students and has established a good rapport with reporters and Campus News sites. SONU has a media department composed of student writers helping in dispatching information and sharpening students writing and reporting skills.

Babu Owino of the University Of Nairobi
Babu Owino of the University Of Nairobi

Straight on to Juja ,Meet Jomo ,the head of the students Union at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture ,the students union (JKUSO) is one that last year went parallel with Owino’s SONU with Jomo coming out not once to lash at University of Nairobi’s student leaders for going to bed with the government over the HELB bill.Jomo is one young Kenyan that is described as confident and on point,in 2105 ,he was brutally attacked and arrested by police at midnight ,this was after his hard stand on external housing agencies following their move to increase the accommodation rates.

He defeated Babu in Soma OLX student leader of the year awards held at Sankara hotel last year December.
He deals with his opponents by creating rules that bar them out of the political scenes ,Worth noting is  the new JKUSO constitution which his main opponent Abdi Siyaro Osman has vehemently opposed.
Jomo of Jkuat
Jomo of Jkuat
Lets head to Kahawa based Kenyatta university,the students union there is lead by one tall and dark son of the soil ,Sam Were Were .He is the first student leader in Kenyatta university to be vote on office by all tribes showing the oozing confidence the electorate had in him.With tribalism the bedrock of campus politics in recent history ,that students at Kenyatta university aborted the tribal bay and walked to the ballot as one people is an indication that Kenya can be free of tribalism.
Blessed with a charming personality ,Were Were is more concerned with the issues affecting the normal lives of the students rather than fighting the administration like its the notion out in the streets .Were is rather a silent type of leader ,he is said to be following the steps of Former KUSA President Lone Felix inn all the aspects of his leadership.So far his leadership at Kenyatta university is a peaceful one with a good rapport with his executive.He is more of a schemer whose next move can not be easily predicated,makes his decisions after wide consultations and remains by them.Despite the rift that has been between University of Nairobi and Kenyatta university,Were has maintained the bars high unlike in history when student from the two university engaged in war of words on social media.
Were Were Of Kenyatta University
Were Were Of Kenyatta University
Now welcome to the Njoro based Egeton university,where the backbone of the nation starts and ends due to the universities rich agricultural ways.At the helm of the students union is Amisi Edwin Otieno.The soft spoken Amisi is coming into office at a time when the history of the relationship between the administration and the student union is not that good,for the first time inn history examinations were held in December last year under his tenure,history has it that students always strike around that time.He might not have done much but he has plans to do better and put a smile of hope on the faces of the electorate .As this story goes on air,Edwin is among the think tank towards the idea to have the national students union split into two.It is a fact that Kenyatta university students association has largely focused on universities  round Nairobi,there is need to have the body split into upper and lower region with different leaders so that the welfare of students in universities like Egerton,Moi and Masinde Muliro to mention only but a few are looked into with the maximum concentration and speed,an agenda that Amisi is at the center of alongside some of the union leaders.Amisi has also promised to work close with the KUSO President Babu Owino and the government through the attorney general to ensure that for the first time in the history of Egerton politics,the union gets its independence.
Egerton's Amisi Otieno
Egerton’s Amisi Otieno
At Edwin Amisi ,we warp up Friday briefing with a question.What is your expectation of the student leaders and are they working  to meet those expectations?
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