Friday Briefing:’List Of Shame’ Amisi To Hand Over To The Vc Names Of Corrupt Egerton Officer


Tribalism is a blight Kenya has with since independence ,getting into the various offices in Kenya most of them will judge you by the magic of your surname.Where you come from and who is in charge of the office really plays a central role in whether you get the job or not. At Egerton university the same script applies. Tribalism goes handy with Corruption, in a bid to ensure a corruption free and Zero tribalism at the Njoro based university, the current Students President Edwin Amisi in a communication to our news desk has hinted that he will be handing over the names of corrupt and tribal ridden Egerton Officers. This is what we will cover on Friday Briefing today.Read in

“Tribalism in Kenya is not a historical inevitability. It cannot be traced to ancient hatreds or welfare from cultures clashing over the ages . I came to power to correct historical injustices in Egerton university and students should get prepared because we must start a new journey with the new regime . Justice must be just and we must be at liberty. I promise to expose tribal and corrupt ,
Chief officers
Administrators and

I will hand over the list of shame¬†to the new VC….Prof. Mwonya. Tribalism and corruption is indeed a major stumbling block to quality education ,fairness in our studies ,democracy in our SUEU elections as well as growth and development of our institution .It persisted since it provided an avenue via which Egerton goodies and favors trickle down from those in power to their tribesmen. Therefore loyalty to tribe is given ever greater relevance than loyalty to the institution . There is also meritocracy as people are given jobs based on tribe regardless of having low qualifications. Hence the inefficient use of available skills. I promise to gather enough evidence to uproot all tribal and corrupt generals/officers from Njoro campus. The Luhya for example have a proverb which says “elisimba lifwitsanga mulikobi lya lyasie” meaning that a mongoose dies on behalf of other mongoose . For example if a snake bites you, you kill any or all other snakes that you come across ……you don’t sit back and look for the exact one that bit you.

In tribal context if I am harmed by a Kalenjin , then whichever Kalenjin I meet has to pay the price .This has the capacity to heighten tribal conflict. The road a head will be long . Our climb will be steep. We may not get there in one semester or one academic year but Prof Mwonya must react very fast even if it means working closer or consulting Prof . Mungenda Oliver the VC. Kenyatta university . Students have never been more hopeful than they are with the new regime .
It is now the right time “THE VILLAGE LADY” Prof Rose Mwonya must open doors of opportunity to each and every comrade; to restore prosperity and promote the cause of peace; to reclaim the comrade’s dream and reaffirm that fundamental truth that out of all in any higher learning institution comrades remain the most powerful and they are always right. That while we breathe ,we hope ,and where we are met with cynicism ,and doubt ,and those who tell us that we can’t , we will respond with that timeless creed that sums up the spirit or a people ;yes it is possible”

Well that is it on Friday briefing,we will follow up this story and bring you the ‘List of Shame’ as soon as Amisi is ready to reveal it.On our Reel question we ask .Should Amisi Expose Corrupt Egerton Officials? Hit us up on the comment box or engage us on twitter @KoyoOdongo and @MagazineReel




  1. A good move Mr chair bt u’ve lost sight by suggesting that comrades have faith in Mwonya’s leadership. Think deep n long next time coz you seem to forget she was a deputy to former vc, what do we expect to be done defferently apart from what they did together for years she was a deputy vc? are you aware she oversaw engeenering students going home for three months n later coming back without addressing any of their grievances? Further on the issue of corruption, I would advise you; bank on addressing the obvious troubles afflicting students stop theatrics of likes of Raila we ave CAJ in campus.

  2. Mentioning a tribe will be more of politics than fightng corruption. How will the public react to that list? Is there hard evidence or someone is behind the scenes? Anyway let us try to fight corruption and avoid pointing fingers on some people.

  3. try to consider providing evidence to prove ….don’t act like an idiot we are in a civilized world

  4. this is a good move Fundy,plz b a bit careful egerton is a chief enemy of truth. many issue s affect comrades e.g non clearance imposed on engineering students who were not directed on clearance but threatened to vacate premises within few minute… I remember approaching custodian only to tell me that no communication had been made to them from chief halls office react plz

  5. that’s being stupid bro okay after giving the list what else do you expect was I in your shoes why can’t you fight for a common trouble among us you know you haven’t done anything you promised apart from separating accommodation from fees well we still expect more than that

  6. kindly amisi let stop. pointing figures on. some few induvidual. .lets not expect much frm. prof mwonya.. she is juxt like former. tuitoek.

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