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A teacher of English and Literature by training, and with experience in teaching Communication Skills at Strathmore University, Harry Bett who is the current Student Research Coordinator at Strathmore Business School (SBS), has made great strides in encouraging policy making through research.

His recent journal titled; The cascade model of teachers’ continuing professional development in Kenya: A time for change?analyzes and reviews the efficiency of professional development training through the cascade approach. This approach to teachers’ professional development involves teachers being trained in a particular content, and they in-turn train their colleagues on the same. The model is mostly used from national to local levels, and often involves large number of teachers.

Harry-innerIn the journal article, Harry argues that this system has many disadvantages compared to advantages, hence – should be assessed and improved. One key disadvantage with this model is the distortion of information when passed from one level to another. This is because the information is not accurately passed across the board. Another disadvantage is in the fact that the model also concentrates on knowledge component of learning only, whereas there are many other facets that can be taught, e.g. moral teachings.

Benefits of publishing this article

Publishing this journal produces benefits that Harry desires will see change implemented in this field:

  • Policy makers have an opportunity to access this journal article and rethink the use of the cascade approach in the nation.
  • Teachers also have an opportunity to read this article and decide on the effectiveness of using this approach.

 Submission of the journal…

Harry submitted this journal in September 2015, where it was reviewed and accepted for publication although some corrections were to be done. The paper was finally accepted on 4th January 2016 and was published.

The article has been published by Cogent Education, a journal hosted by the reputable publisher Taylor & Francis which is known for hosting credible journals.




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