Two Chuka University Student Involved in A Grisly Road Accident


Some disturbing reports reaching us state that some two Chuka University students were involved in a tragic road accident after the car they were traveling in was involved in a freak accident along the Nakuru-Naivasha Highway near St Mary Hospital in Gilgil.

The accident involved a Kitale bound North Rift shuttle and a bus heading to Nairobi and two Chuka University students(female) were in the North Rift Shuttle. reports that 8 people died in the grisly accident.

The students who have since been identified as Seraphine Santana Ojiambo & Mercy Sang survived the accident with injuries and they are currently in hospital receiving medical treatment!

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Unlike earlier reports which had claimed that Seraphine Santana Ojiambo had passed away a source close to the family who spoke with a doctor who is based at the hospital where Sera has been admitted claims that Seraphine’s dad had identified a wrong body. The doctor affirmatively confirms that Sera is still ALIVE!

Here’s a screenshot of my conversation with my source;


Seraphine Santana Ojiambo & Mercy Sang were heading home after the university was closed down indefinitely on Monday following student Unrest.

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Here are photos of  Seraphine Santana Ojiambo;


We couldn’t get any photos of Mercy Sang!

Here are some photos from the grisly accident;


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