4 Tips to Help Comrades Lower their Electricity Bills


It is the desire of almost everyone to pay less for bills or even not pay for any bills in our lives. During these tough economic times each and every comrade will like to spend minimally but have maximums returns and satisfaction at the same time.

But since bills are inescapable, the following tips will help students and any other person who is servicing their own electricity bills from their limited pockets.

  1. Embrace sunlight

Using light from the sun during the day is a prudent idea. Sunlight provides enough light that will enable you avoid turning on bulbs in the house when it is completely unnecessary.

Our homes should be constructed in such a manner that allows in sunlight during the day through the windows and the doors. Rooms that can’t get the sunlight should be fitted with a strip of transparent sheet so that they get illuminated with sunlight.

  1. Use alternative Heating methods.

Electric cookers and burners are big consumers of electricity in most homes. They always lead to very high electricity bills. Nonetheless, using alternative sources of heat like solar water heaters and energy saving jikos will cut a lot on your power bills as you will no longer  use electricity for cooking.

  1. Regulate electricity use

Proper regulation of use of electricity must be practiced by anyone who wants to cut down power bills.

Appliances that are not in use such as bulbs, Television sets and iron boxes should be turned off or unplugged from power sockets.

  1. Upgrade to newer versions of home appliances

Older versions of home appliances have been found to be consuming more power than the modern ones that are made with power saving capability.

Currently, the energy ministry is advising on use of energy saver bulbs with the latest campaign being that of purchasing electricity appliances with “Alama ya Nyota”.  The ministry discouraging on the use of the traditional onion bulbs that do not have energy saving ability.

Modern fridges can also be purchased as the latest brands from LG,Ramtoms and Samsung have automated power saving capabilities.



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