Campus Beauty Salon: How to Organize Your Make-Up Collection


By Ada Kene 

Hello there, all make-up lovers. We as ladies, especially ladies who cherish our make-up and know how much it is worth (no jokes here, these things cost a ton of money), understand how important the business of keeping our make up properly is. I know so many ladies who would not as much as share an eye pencil or a lip balm with anyone else, they’d rather let you have it for keeps. This is a good trait, believe me.

We all know that a lot of university students also make use of makeup and I am certain that if you open the girl’s bag that is seating beside you in class you are certain to see makeup in there. It might be in purse or just scattered all over the bag, but we refuse to be held accountable for what happens next after you have opened her bag as most girls wouldn’t take it lightly.

Our make-up is what we apply mostly on our face, so without being told, we know that we have to handle them with care, especially the tools we use to apply them. And well, because they’re pretty expensive, we have to keep them properly so they don’t pour out or crack or break. And also there’s the issue of actually finding something you need when you need it. I don’t think there’s anything more annoying than looking for your eyeliner or lipstick when your ride to work is 5 minutes away, or you haven’t even started your make up because you can’t find your foundation, and your date is already at the door!

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Basically, it has been proven that there are actually ways to organize your make up that helps you find whatever you need with no sweat (except the world restarts when you wake up and you have to start all over again).

The steps in organizing your make up collection in flawless way include:

Find a location for where you want to keep your make up and sanitizing it. It is important that where you want to store your make up products is super clean, I mean, these are items we apply on our faces, ladies.
Sort out your make up. Would you not feel better knowing all your pencils are in one corner and your lipsticks in another? It would really suck when you want to apply your burgundy lipstick and you can’t find it and you have to go with another shade because you’re in a hurry.
After you have done all these, you can now move to ways you can store and organize your collection of make up and be able to find them with ease while also keeping them safe.

In a vase:

It is easy to store your make up items in a vase, having vases for each category. You can easily label your vases to indicate what category is in which, especially if you have a lot of make up to store.

Buy a make-up box:

This is another perfect solution to your problems because these boxes have dividers already that make it easy for you to categorize your make up and just see everything you need at a glance when you open it up.


You can easily buy a shelf or build one, depending on your choice. Shelves help you see the arrangement of your items at a glance. Actually, shelves help with everything. Get them.

Compartmentalized make up bags:

You can also get bags with compartments. These ones are even easier to hold your make up in (provided you don’t have too much of them) and carry anywhere you want.

Just organize your dressing table anyway:

Since you probably have everything on your table, why not just organize it to your convenience? Arrange everything in a way that makes it easy for you to see what you need and at the same time, score cool points for having a neat room. Even shopping for makeup is so easy these days that we just can’t get enough of it.

Other easy tips you should know about make up organization include:

Dividing them by category, and then by color. Imagine seeing all the exact shades of eye pencil and lipstick you have, this means you wouldn’t have to ever buy a shade of lipstick you already had.

Keeping the things you use the most the most readily available. Your lip-gloss and powder could be right on the top of this list for days when you don’t really want to go all the way with your make up application.



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