Egerton’s Culture Week Nears As Entertainment In The University Seem Dark

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Harriet Atieno won the SUEU Entertainment seat despite the fact that she was never sworn in due to some electoral irregularity .According to the SUEU Electoral rules,she was not eligible for office because she was in the last year of her studies,what still remains a question is how she found her way past the nomination to the ballot box.Her close competitor was the soft spoken Harrison Kibuthu “Harry ” and the infamous Daniel Obwocha who was up to defend the seat after one year of leadership marked with questions day after day.The fact that Harriet was not sworn in meant that the union is one gun less,the entertainment docket is vacant and something had to be done to fill it up because it is one of those dockets closely watched by the media and by the electorate.


On their side,students were of the idea of a by-election,a move that would have seen the likes of Victor Ronoh the currrebt Nandi county students association chairperson,Daniel Obwocha,former director entertainment ,Harrison Kibuthu ,Freezy to mention only but a few ,take a second shot at the ballot .Its a process that would have taken a maximum of two weeks ,in a dramatic turn of events,students were kept in the cold,till now a few knows why Harriet was never sworn in,few don’t even know if that post has an occupant or not.With the culture week slotted for next month,students are now starting to turn their heads towards entertainment,asking question which so far nobody has come out to answer.


Sources confirm that the current SUEU Chairperson Collince Omiti was appointed to double up as the director Entertainment,those who have this information have expressed their disappointments citing reasons that Omiti knows nothing related to Entertainment,many have said that one of Harriet’s competitors,specifically Harrison who came second would have been given the mantle to lead if the university and the union were against a by-election like it seem.This year the students expected more of redefinition of sports,transport system and entertainment and that called for a leader who has what it takes to do that.A leader who has only one agenda to focus on.Omiti serving as the Vice Chairperson is enough ,he ought to have been left to do that if normalcy would have prevailed.


The major event up from the docket is the culture week that has been slotted for next month ,the “Director Entertainment,sports and transport” Collince Omiti has taken to Facebook to seek the students views on the best Dj to grace the event.Truth be told,the students had enough of Dj’s last year during Owocha’s reign,they expect more than that.More than the self declared Dj’s who prepare a mix tape and play it on events then walk away worth thousands of bucks.Truth be told,we have a lot of Dj’s within the university who we have all worked with and should be given a chance at these event,talk of Dj Fiasco,Dj Kingpin,Dj promise,Dj Buji and the likes .



These guys are monsters on the decks and they play Live mix not recorded stuff like some people we know.The students want performance from recognized artist who have enough songs to hold a crowd,the likes of Kansol,King Kaka,Kenrazy and not some confused comedians with stereotype and old jokes. The union should come out clean and explain to the students more about the post of Director Entertainment,sports and transport,assumption is dangerous.The students expect better services,more events and more fun this year ,that expectation can only be logical if the current state of affairs is shifted .

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  1. well said.. this guys have been there and done nothing. this culture week wont be better with dj 212 on it. we know of boring deejays who play 50 songs repeatedly overnight. organizers have their way. #DjKingpin #Teamgoodmusic #NoisemakersEnt. God Bless.

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