Scorpion – Series Review


What would you do with an IQ of 197? Take over the world, perhaps? Make all the money you possibly can and retire early? Well, Walter O’Brien decided to form a company that worked with the government on cases that only geniuses can solve. He found others like him; Happy, mechanical prodigy, Toby – a world class shrink and behaviorist, and Sylvester – a human calculator.

They have a combined IQ of over 700!! I know right?? Anyway, they aren’t really normal people, they interact with others with basically no tact or deference to courtesy and what not. So to get by with ‘normals’ with relative ease, Walter hires Paige, to translate the world for them. Paige also happens to be the mother of a genius son, Ralph, whom Walter takes a close interest in and decides to mentor.

Scorpion is an action drama series based on the true story of Walter O’Brien. He is of Irish descent, the founder and CEO of Scorpion Computer Services. He also serves as the inspiration behind scorpion and an executive producer of the show. It follows the geniuses as they solve high powered technical problems that are too complex for a quick solution by average IQs.

Every episode has a different case for them to solve and they do it well, notwithstanding a lot of humor, quick wit, lots and lots of incomprehensible tech talk and logic that is even beyond me. Their government handler is Homeland Security Agent Cabe Gallo, who’s not a genius, but has a history with Walter. He’s the agent that arrested him when he was 11 years old after Walter hacked into NASA to get the shuttle blueprints for his bedroom wall!! Seriously.

The series has a lot of good scenes, action-packed, including driving a Ferrari under a plane to connect to the Wi-Fi, racing with high-end cars with mob bosses when bored to get a thrill (Walter), and much much more. The characters also have good chemistry that is very evident in their talented acting and natural flow of each episode. Walter is played by Elyes Gabel; Paige is played by Katharine Mcphee, Toby – Eddie Kaye Thomas, Happy – Jadyn Wong, Agent Gallo – Robert Patrick, Ralph – riley B smith and Sylvester is played by Ari Stidham.

Scorpion was developed for television by Nick Santora, produced by Nick Wootton, Justin Lin, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (who’ve also produced Hawaii Five 0), and Walter O’Brien. An average episode runs for about 43 minutes and it airs on CBS on Mondays. If you haven’t watched this series, grab yourself the first season and you’ll be looking for the second one before you’re done. It’s worth watching, you’ll get a good laugh out of it.



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