Retrosexual’s Corner:Being Rude To Men Will Only Keep You At Your Fathers House Long Enough

where there is love there is life

It’s been a long lull here on the Retrosexual’s Corner. Hope you are well, time again to get up close with “Mr Retrosexual”Now, this week has been a hectic one starting from the weekend that was, the “I Do” Weekend. Daddy Owen Wedded one Wambui .Bob Collymore despite admitting his hatred for Kenyan Chapati, shocked everyone when pictures of his wedding to the other Wambui circulated on Social Media, Congratulations to the duo, all the best with your running mates.Babu Owino is reported to have left for South Africa while Micro-Comrades left for their various villages after the infamous SONU elections turned chaotic. This Week too has seen Ruto and Sang charges against Humanity dropped thanks to Dr Amina Mohammed .Enough of that lets get down to the ladies. The sleeping lioness has woken up, but has she woken up at the right time?

If you ever stood in a shower for hours ,you must have realized that human beings cannot be easily washed away, we must them learn to tolerate each other and if perhaps by chance you have been burnt in life,don’t scold yourself ,just embrace the wound and appreciate it, its healthy for you. This week too, attending lectures, gazing at social media I have realized one thing about women, the generation we have are proving a hard nut to crack because of the Whiteman’s education they have acquired, they are tempted to think that they are equal to men just because the society has loosened enough and they can now put on men’s clothes.
Ride or die, women must understand their position in the African setting, say all bad things about your culture and traditions, stay in town, when you hit old age, you will go back to your husband’s place and learn the ways of the tribe.Lupita is a Hollywood star but still does not Tweng, Kenyan ladies acquire American accent while queuing at KFC ,Kenyan ladies acquire Mexican accent right in their living rooms,come on, Life is more than movie.

The Lioness wants to be equal to the lion and that cannot just happen, a woman’s place is in the Kitchen but that does not mean that she is not supposed to get the white man’s education and sit in an office waiting for Tea from some tea boy. We ,the men have endured abuses from ladies who think that the fact that they can easily fit in in our trousers, the fat that they can fit in a seat me and my Friend Izoh would probably share means they are now the most superior.The question of Who is the head is best answered by the scripture, unless you have read a lot of Pulse Magazine more than the bible then I expect an affix to hold me down with questions .It’s funny that most of these ladies are furious online, champions of “We are equal than men, We cannot be submissive to men” yet deep inside they are very submissive. One lesson though, being rude to a man will only keep you in your fathers homestead for Long, So go back to sleep Miss Lioness, when your time come, the heavens shall fall.

Being a woman is not about pretty face or curvaceous figure, it’s about being submissive to your man, it’s about knowing your position in the union, it’s about standing by your man despite the circumstances, I know of a woman who sells “Mboga” down the streets ,Mama Mboga plays her husband with the butcher man and the guy at the Poshomill so that at the end of the day the Kids who she insists belongs to her husband who works in the countryside gets some balanced diet. Look tell me if you will carry your player traits to heaven because the information I have is that God has only reserved Milk and Honey plus fruits ,in heaven there is no bloodshed so there is no meat, in heaven there is no Maize Farm so there is no Ugali.
Off Script: Don’t torture yourself in the name of beauty, please don’t walk in shoes you ain’t comfortable in, one knows the hour nor the time.
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