UON Rated Among Best Universities in Africa 2016

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The University of Nairobi (UoN) has been ranked at position 8 in the Times Higher Education snapshot ranking of best universities in Africa 2016: top 15.

The ranking, which is seen as a confirmation of the University ranking by the Webometrics Ranking of Universities, is an affirmation of the University’s strong positioning in the continent.

According to the Director of the Centre for Higher Education Trust and Coordinator of the Higher Education Research and Advocacy Network in Africa, Nico Cloete, the University of Nairobi is among four institutions in the list which have “adopted strategies to become research–led flagship Universities” in their countries and have seen “significant increases in doctoral graduates and research outputs during the last five years.”

Led by the University of Cape Town, the list of 15 had other Universities from South Africa and Ghana University. Uganda’s Makerere University, which was rated number five among the best 15 universities in Africa. Makerere University is the only institution outside South Africa to make the top five in fourth place. UON and Makerere University are the only two institutions from East Africa that were ranked during the survey.

The last survey that took place in March, that had the World University Rankings, put UoN among the top 100 universities that offer world-class education in one or more subjects. Universities from South Africa, performed well.



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