5 Must Read Reasons Why You Must Never Marry or be Married in Campus

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It’s the first week of the first semester in campus, all the freshmen are seated in the hall waiting for their orientation exercise to begin shortly. The Recent graduated high school students are yet to put up with their new environment- Campus life.

The MC grabs the mic and welcomes every one of us into the day’s events. To our shock, he asks if any of the gents has been to any of the ladies hostels, which to most of us seems awkward since we are used to it being a taboo to visit the girls dormitories, we all look around eager to see some of the notorious whom have already been there. Nobody raises! It’s the ladies turn……., nobody! Everybody is innocent.

“Please ladies, make visits to the gents room, you encourage them to be tidier and responsible”.

This to us is a mere joke because at that time we can’t help laughing out loudly. It starts with a visit, then it proceeds to a relationship.

Majority of campus relationships begin at major interactive sites, either class, market, kitchenettes, social media… name them, the proximity of it all is two find themselves in a relationship. That’s not the problem, the issue arises when dating begins. Some couplets go as far as staying together.

It’s absolutely normal to sleep over on the ‘other’ side, obviously a day or so after a normal procedure of sending off roommates to an indefinite exile. A recent upcoming behavior shows willingness of both parties to live entirely on the other side of life – Campus men living in the ladies hostel and vice versa, here’s reason why it is weird to especially:

1.The roommates are not in their comforts 

This means they find it hard to dress up after visiting their bathrooms. This is especially critical to the ladies side since they have to take long in dressings and make ups.

2.The nights are rather long

The fact that you two are in one blanket drives them crazy and full of anticipation and imagination, in fact some can be horny even when you are doing nothing. Just turning slightly in bed may drive a shift of imaginations in them- you know what am talking about

3.Temptations may arise

When you had not planned for the intimacy, it is very easier to find yourself in a situation especially when the caressing grows sweet- the rest is history. It’s a type of mistake you will have to do without an intention

4.The Dating appetite decreases gradually

Since you are together always, the appetite to pleasure reduces. Getting away for some time makes you miss one another

5.The way of treat

The more time you spend together, the lesser the specialty with which you are handled. With time fights may arise up depending on how mature the two can interact.

However recent study shows successful relations start right here from campus life, it maybe should be trending this way. The best way to live with him or her probably is getting a house somewhere else where you’ll have to evade the third party- roommates. That’s the hard way but the only way.




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