5 Keys to Success in Campuses


Are you in the right campus? Are you pursuing the right course? If yes, Congratulation!!! Welcome and feel honoured to be there.

Are you aware of unlimited freedom that can either mould or destroy you while in campus? Here nobody bothers what you do, you attend lecture or not you will never see a lecturer chasing you. It is a place where if you can’t afford to think strategically, innovatively, creatively and competitively be assured of failing.

Campus is a place where future is constructed. You must set strategies to actualize your goals and rules and regulations to guide you throughout your course.

Get involved in campus
Have you engaged yourself in sports, club or society such as CU, Catholic or Muslim association?Getting involved creates no room for immoral activities and sharpens one’s mind. Games and sports will make you physical fit.

It has been a major problem that majority of fresh men/women don’t get involved on campus matters. Recently while interviewing MMU Drama club I was happy to find that new students and joined drama festivals. This makes one learn new skills and become more connected to their school.

Make use of Resources in your campus
Many of us don’t utilize resources available in the campus such as library and unlimited internet for research and lecturers. I discovered that teachers are happier if you present questions for them to help you. Forming study groups is another vital tool for excellence.

Procrastinating and prioritizing your life
Campus is very different from high school. Best performing students work smart to meet deadlines. Complete and handover your assignments on time. Waiting until last minute isn’t suitable for campus.

Choose your Friends Wisely
If you find your friendship is not worthwhile do not hesitate to shed them off. Avoid people who always congratulate, praise, they don’t see the negative side of you. Follow person who will correct, rebuke and show a path to follow. Getting your soul mate in campus isn’t an easy task. It requires knowledge and calm fierceness.

Budget Well
Financial depression starts from this point that,many comrades don’t know on budgeting. Staying healthy means budgeting well and eating well. Balance diet is recommended. Remember also to be time conscious too.

Be Responsible
Now you are an adult and being one it means being responsible and taking responsibility for your life in campus. Admit you’re wrong and correct it. Act as a mature person.
For a better future consider the above keys of success while in campus.




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