5 Reasons Why You Should Let The Lady Be The One To Breakup With You


Today, it’s almost impossible to speak of one’s love life without mentioning a heartbreak.
As much as a breakup can be initiated by both ladies and guys, ladies seem to be more emotionally attached hence likely to spend more time reliving a relationship that ended months ago.
In some cases, a breakup may even cripple her love life not to ever love again.
But Hey! don’t live with someone your whole life out of pity instead of love. Hence the need for better ways of ending the relationship with minimal damage to her.
Here is why you should let her do the dumping:

1. It Portrays You As A Gentleman.

Just relax Bro, no need for extra attention. As we all know, a breakup, especially in campus, is seen as ‘being through’ with that lady and now looking for your next target. Hence, the lady will feel kind of used if you dump her. Which is not exactly what gentlemen do to ladies. A gentleman never “chips funga”. He respects ladies.

2. Her Self-Esteem Will Not Be Damaged.

When you breakup with a lady, she’s more likely to spend weeks soul-searching and looking for shortcomings within her that may have made you walk away. She’s more likely to damage her self-esteem in the process. These are some of the questions that go through her head when you dump her:

  • Am I not beautiful enough for him?
  • Am I not good enough in bed?
  • What will I tell my girlfriends?
  • why me?
  • why do I have to always get betrayed and hurt?

The more questions she has in mind, the more crashed she becomes. Before you know it, she joins the “all men are dogs” type of ladies.
So as to spare her all that pain and self-esteem issues which could ruin her love life even when she gets her next, make sure you give her a good reason for her to actually breakup with you. ┬áIt’s the least you could do for all the love she gave you. It’s better for her to rejoice thinking that she’s the one who dumped you than for her to spend sleepless nights crying about the guy who broke her heart into a million pieces. Trust me, you don’t want to be that guy.

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3. It Makes It Possible For Her To Forgive You In Future.

It May happen that months after the breakup, you find yourself longing for her love and tenderness. It becomes easier to asks for second chance from a lady who left you than the one you actually dumped. All you have to do is “Change“. Then go explain to her of how you’ve changed and worked on all your weaknesses and mistakes. Surprisingly, you might even discover that she’s been planning to come over to your place to ask for her man back, after getting hurt by some campus guy who was after nothing but a one night stand.

4. You Can Always stay Friends After The Breakup.

If you ask her to be a friend before the breakup, you will definitely crash her. But when it’s her that initiated the breakup, it’s much easier for the two of you to remain friend and even remind each other of the sweet love you once shared.

5. Boosts Her Ego.

When a lady dumps you, she won’t hesitate to narrate of how much a loser you were. Her lady-friends will have some entertainment for days with you being the topic. This is better than those lady-friends of hers spending weeks comforting her in her room and cursing you for being so heartless. Don’t worry about your name being a source of laughter; it’s better than being the source of pain and misery.

Generally, it’s not that easy to watch your ex boasting around with claims of how she dumped you, but be sure you did it for a better cause. Deep down your heart, where the truth lies, you will feel better knowing that you actually saved her all the pain and suffering even if she’ll never get to know about it.

Don’t forget to use something that she hates when you want her to initiate the breakup, but make sure that it’s one that won’t inflict any damage on you. Some examples of such would be:

  • Reduce the time spent watching Indian movies with her. Watch more soccer instead
  • Reduce the frequency of those walks in the park
  • Spend less and even lesser cash on her each passing day, be a miser
  • Literally forget the things that make her love you more
  • Love sex more. Or at least appear to have become sex oriented and nothing more.
  • Be busy at times when she texts
  • Let her know that you still love her, even if your actions indicate less of that.




  1. The ego thing is true, but it does not portray you as a gentleman rather a coward.Only a coward goes silent or refuses to face the problem at hand by avoiding them. I may be hurt if you dump me but later on, I will respect you.

    • Wow! You’re Such a strong lady Winfrey. That’s how it is supposed to be; Unfortunately, not all of our sisters can get over a breakup(Being Dumped) without irreversible damage to their self-esteem.

  2. Actually a lady should take the 1st move in a break up bt also we men w shld come out en say the problem…then look for a solution

    • I second you Aminga. That is if you are lucky enough to get a lady willing to give you a listening ear at such a time without accusing you of ‘sayings all that’ to justify things.

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