5 Things You Wont Find Anywhere But Egerton University!


Though referred to as “The University In The Bush”, Egerton – The premier Agricultural University In Kenya has most glamorous distinguishing features in the World. To start with, it is the only university with its own climatic conditions. How else can one refer to a university which determines when it rains “cats or dogs” in its environs other than ” A World Class University For The Advancement Of Humanity”!

The following are sampled from many of its tourist attraction sites! Yes I said tourist attraction sites. By the end of your reading you’ll know why you have to be at “Njoro’s pride”.


botanicFull of species and kinds of trees well known to my friends from Serengeti and other rain forests,before visiting here, I never knew how Mahogany looked like!

If you find it entertaining to watch human beings as lovebirds swinging from one tree to the other then this is one place you never want to miss for another day!

Nop!, I cant forget “the beautiful” Llamas – they look like overgrown sheep but are cleaner!

Probably you would want to go for a nature walk,stop worrying about ‘the bench’ in Muliro Gardens, just head straight to the east end of Egerton!

Beware though that academic suicides do take place in this cool place. Talk of dangling human bodies in trees. Its a place best for acting horror movies too!


Situated approximately 200m from the main gate opposite Utafiti Hall,the vast, clean and professionally marked pitches has hosted even some of the Kenyan league games. If you’ve never known why people pay more to be in the stands than terraces,then you have to visit the Egerton Sports Pavilion and enjoy a beehive of activities. The only university with a “Nyayo Stadium”. If you don’t find it interesting then this next place should be your venue.


arcAfter going through all the rigorous walk and trainings in the pavilion, the best place to rest as you nourish your tired self is the ARC – The Agricultural Resource Center Hotel. Situated close to the Dean of Students’ office, it has the most sophisticated meals you will ever meet. Talk of cappuccino and others. If you desire stepping on a red carpet free of charge then this is the place. Hospitality at this place is above board. You won’t leave this place without enjoying sunbathing and warm blue swimming pool water,besides the breeze blowing from the east end will make you more fresh than you can be at your home. ARC is indeed ‘home away from home’.


Surely you can’t miss to visit the ‘heart’ of the university. I assure you of great agricultural project ideas that will change your life economically. Talk of real demonstrations, the only place where you’ll find pigs cleaner than horses and as fat as rhinos. I don’t have to talk about chicken,milk cows and rabbits. You will find peace watching over them!

Though not part of TAP,you have to visit the food science factory just 100m walk from the park. Egerton is like a city as you’ll find out.


castleThough not inside the college,castles are a rare thing in many people’s lives no wonder we talk about ‘building castles in the air’. You have to be interested because Egerton is the only place you can find this. Lord Egerton’s Castle should in fact be the eighth wonder of the world you need to see.

This is not all but sincerely speaking Egerton is the place you need to be at in the whole world! Now tell me if all this are not tourist attraction sites or if you can find them at any other place?.

Welcome to Egerton University!




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