5 Types of Guys to Avoid Like Plague


It is that month of the year where most of guys know not whether to love or loathe the fact that they are hitched or single. This is mainly because Valentine’s day is slowly approaching which may or may not catch some of you in a tricky situation. More so after extravagantly getting to celebrate the end of January, which seems to be like 69 weeks and with all the financial constraints for most common folks.


But that is besides my point, for today. I’m trying to help all the young ladies out there on the breed of guys to avoid. I am no relationship pro but I have had my share of dating weirdoes and all so I might have a thing or two to share with you.

GUYSBefore delving into this, allow me to relay my utter shock and dismay when I heard on radio about a 21 year old girl searching for love because she can’t find a suitable guy for herself. I am not much of a radio person so, maybe you have heard more of such cases but for me, I was astonished. A 21 year old girl in campus looking for a 35 year old guy to date? What has the world come to? What are the campus guys doing wrong? Where are you when girls your age are calling radio stations ostensibly looking for love, among other things? Anyway, story for a later day.

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Well, with all the honesty I would like to put it out there that there are guys who no lady would want to date even just a week. There are various types of guys that need to be avoided like plagues. They may be good looking and probably with loaded pockets, thanks to HELB but still no one really wants them. So here goes:

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  1. The Disrespectful guy

Such guys are a no-go zone for any lady who loves herself. So you witnessed him and his ex-girl arguing along the corridor and he ended up slapping her and walking away? Run for the hills darling. If he did that to her, then he’ll definitely do it to you. Respect is core for any human relationship to work. Whether verbal or physical, any guy who shows signs of abusing you should be left with no second thoughts, none whatsoever, because your life matters more than being with that guy, regardless of how in love you may think you are.


  1. The People Pleaser

These are basically guys who live their lives trying to please everyone one around them. Let’s call them aspiring cool kids who are all over everything but are really about nothing. They struggle to fit in and feel left out when they are not with the clique. So dating such a guy means you have align your plans to whenever he isn’t chilling with the rest of the crew which could be never or some weird hours of the night at best. After all, you trying to date that on guy, not the whole team so drop it like it’s hot, girl!


  1. The Ambitionless Guy

This is the lot that lives for the moment, which is kinda what most of us campus kids do, especially in our First year. That is totally allowed but if we in our Third year of study and still not having a feel of the real life, no serious plans for the future, then that is no good sign. If all he does is party his ass off then darling you better off without him. Save yourself from a miserable future.


  1. The Broke Guy

No Romance without Finance. Not my words though, but that is true. No two ways about it, especially not in this times that we live in. If he is broke, please find a way of dumping him soon. Maybe after Valentine’s  weekend, he could have saved up a little  to get you something lovely. Just maybe.


  1. The Immature Clingy Guy

If he’s the type of guy who wants you to be with him everywhere he goes, then no please.  He wants you to meet all his friends within the first one month of dating that is a bad sign.  He already wants you to talk to his mum? Too soon, don’t you think? Space is essential. Don’t suffocate your partner with attention just because you in that ‘too-much-love’ phase. It will die off and you’ll probably look back and feel like a fool.  Take things slow, easy, enjoy life.


All that said, Enjoy the month, February, the purported month of Love!



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