7 Phrases A Lady should Never Use on Her Man and Why


I personally believe a lady deserves the best in a relation and even from the society.
As with all good things, one has to put some efforts and stay positive so as to attain the best.
It is said that Ladies are more sensitive than Guys. That’s true, but it doesn’t mean that the guys have no Emotional Quotient.(EQ).
With that said, lets kick off with the Forbidden Phrases that should never be uttered to ANY Guy:

1. Men Are Dogs.
This tops the List.
You’ve probably heard this phrase more than a million times from movies and your Roommates. That is if you haven’t already used it in your Love Fights.
Just because it’s a common phrase, it doesn’t mean you should use it.
As for The Reason to why you should never use this phrase, I will refer you to any Male friend or next of kin for answers. *wink*

2. Men are The Same.
This one is almost similar to “All Men are Dogs”, but with a slightly different effect on a guy.
To Start with, no one likes being compared to someone else, regardless of their gender.
While comparison hurts by itself, this phrase goes on to Generalize. Remember that feeling you get when a guy says that all campus ladies are loose when you turn them down?

3. I Hate Men/You.
Whether you do hate men for real or just saying it out of anger, this phrase brings nothing positive.
In fact it only raises more questions than answers. It portrays you as a Lady with low Self-Esteem and no direction.Especially if you are bashing it on your Boyfriend or Lover.
How can you be in love with what U hate!? Am confused.

4. Do “This” if you Really Love Me
No Man likes Emotional Blackmails. This seems like a harmless phrase, but it means a lot.
Of course he will carryout the Task as you asked, but before you know it, he will be avoiding you for good.

5. “k”
This ‘k’ is an interesting SMS Reply whose impact mostly depends on the topic and issues at hand.
It might determine whether a guy tolerates your harsh anger or let things be during your problem solving session.

6. “You Don’t Trust Me?”
Thought this would be a nice phrase to windup the list as it’s used in many situations.
When a guy refuses to tell you his ATM pin. remember your reaction?
How about that time when he refused to unlock his SmartPhone for you?
Hey! how about those moments you have multiple Periods within a month?
The List is endless. This has less damage on a guy, but its continuous usage results to exactly that; Less Trust from him/them.

7. “Be a Gentleman”
This a bonus phrase in case you found the phrases helpful.
A man needs not do something to prove his manhood.
and Hey! avoid the “Go on and slap me if you are man enough!”.
Shebesh knows better on that.
Thank Me Later.



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