7 Proved Simple Ways to Make Money in Campus, You Will be Amazed After Reading Number 4

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Has your student bank account dried up? Are your parents ignoring your pleas for cash? It might be time to get creative and drum up some money on your own. Luckily, college campuses are teaming with opportunities, especially for those who are willing to do just about anything for some quick cash. No, I’m not suggesting you do something immoral or illegal, but some of these jobs may get a little dirty. Most are flexible enough to fit into your busy college schedule and some may even be a little fun. So, if you’re looking to earn some green this semester, consider one of these possible money making venture.


If you have a good digital camera and love to take pictures, consider hiring yourself out for events and parties. Another option is to sell your shots online through some of the stock photography websites, such as Dreamstime.com and Shutterstock.com.

Food Delivery
You can make a pretty good income delivering food to other students on campus, especially if you have a reliable vehicle. Create a handy delivery menu, including fees for the items and the delivery service, and pass them around campus. During exams, you can make a killing during those late-night study sessions. Just be sure to get cash up front from your customers.

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Mani/Pedi Services
Do you get compliments on your nails all the time? Why not help others by offering your services for a small fee. Place fliers in the gym locker room, near sorority houses and in the dorms. Even at 300shs a session, you can earn quite a bit of green and make some new friends, too.

T-Shirts Sales
T-shirts abound on college campuses. Grab a funny catch phrase or inside joke and slap it on a shirt. Head over to websites like CafePress.com or Zazzle.com, upload your design and start selling. Use your connections on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to find new customers and generate more sales.

If you don’t have the time for a full-time position, or you only want to make money when you need it, many of these side jobs will do the trick. Most provide the flexibility you need to work around your classes and study sessions, and the best part is that you will be your own boss. These jobs don’t require a silly uniform and you won’t have to come up with excuses for being late to work; you set the prices and your hours of availability. Just be sure that your activities do not break any campus policies and you stay focused on your college work. Otherwise, one of these may become your permanent career!


If you have a lot of friends on Facebook and you are not using Facebook to make money, then you are not taking advantage of it. Facebook specifically has a lot of opportunity to puff your bank account. You can easily sign up for an affiliate marketing available in Kenya, you can sign up for JUMIA, KONGA, and KAYMU affiliate membership.

It is totally FREE all you need do is refer buyers to their product and you get a commission on each sale.

You are good with computers, you have good internet access or maybe you get partial access, you can help students who don’t have this access do registrations like Post-Ume, Course registrations, Accommodation and the likes.


If you are good at writing, this might be a breakthrough for you. You may be thinking, “Well, I’m not studying computer science, how can I setup a website?” I can tell you, you don’t have to be a computer geek before setting up a website. There are ready made website script which are very straight forward and easy to use, you just need to install them on a cheap good hosting service for a start and you are good to go.


YouTube allows its users earn while posting videos, they place ads on your videos and give you commission when this ads are clicked, Fiverr also lets its users earn while using their abilities to help others, once you help people do what they need, you get paid with a minimum of 5$. Swagbucks pays you for watching videos.



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