8 Traps Not To Use To Keep A Man


Love literally runs our lives. With that said, our sisters often go to extreme levels to keep a man they love by their side without minding the damage they actually inflict on themselves. Siz, you have all the rights in the world to have a Happy love life, but please make sure you do it in a way that you will not regret 10 years down the line. After a breakup, if the tears shed are mainly due to the feeling of having been used and wasted, then know you did things the wrong way dear. Love ought to be based on mutual understanding, sincerity and trust. With that said, please avoid using the following ways to keep a man:

1. Sex.

I just had to start with this as it’s very popular in this society of ours. Be it at home, campus or in the office, you will occasionally hear of a lady scolding her guy for being unfaithful even after she has given him more than enough sex. In Campus, you will even find ladies being more than generous to a guy just to prove her love to him and for validation. This is totally wrong my sister. Sex is just but a strengthener of a relationship, not a creator of love. Get things right; A man’s heart has nothing to do with his boner and will not keep a man around for long.

2. Pregnancy

If all the sex you give him has not made him love you, don’t opt for pregnancy to keep a man. If he doesn’t love you, a pregnancy will be just but another thing to keep him wondering what he did to God for Him to have tied him to this rubbish.(you that is). Your Days with him will only bring you more sorrow instead of the happiness you intended to get. That is if he decides not to call you a whore and deny being responsible for your pregnancy in the first place.

3. Marriage

Wait a minute, did you just rush to get yourself married since you fear losing the guy!? You just signed your certificate to sleepless nights. Marriage has never been a means to keep a man. If a guy loves you, he will be more than glad to walk you down the aisle. In fact, marriage makes him more attractive to the single ladies out their, hence increasing your insecurity.

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4. Lies Just To Keep A Man.

Besides lies being a sin, using them to build a relationship or to keep a man is totally bad. Let me tell you in advance; The day he finds out that you did lie about a certain issue on which your relationship is based, everything that happened or you did for him afterwards is taken as a lie too. Regardless of how sincere you were. Trust me, you don’t want to live a lie.

5. Emotional Blackmail.

From, Freedom Is All A Man Needs To Stay Yours Forever, freedom from emotional blackmail is one of which he ought to enjoy if you want him around. If a man no longer loves you, please don’t try keeping him around by use of these emotional blackmails as they will only drive him even further. Some good examples of such include:

  • If you leave me, I will commit suicide.
  • I swear I will never love again if you leave me

6. Constant Texting.

Siz, texting him all the time will not make him start loving you. Get a life. Do something constructive with your life rather than forwarding him all those funny jokes you received from pals. No guy likes a nagging lady who keeps on asking if he’s to busy to reply her. But that doesn’t mean that you totally do away with texting, just proceed with moderation.

7. Involving Third Parties.

If the guy makes up his mind that it’s over, don’t go calling all his pals and begging his grandmother to talk to him for you. Don’t run to the social media,writing on his wall expressing how much you are crying at the moment on the thought of him wanting to leave you. Approach him instead; try solving your issues and not broadcast them. Sympathy won’t keep a man around for long.

8. House Wife

Please don’t become his maid thinking that he will love you even more. You can do some cooking and laundry once in a while, but let it not become your duty. Don’t even think of moving-in with him. Here’s why.

All the best of your efforts to keep a man my Siz from another mother. Don’t hesitate to check out What It Takes To Attain The Wife Material Status.



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