‘90% of #UoNGangs are Luo Students’ @RobertAlai Claims Live on Radio


The issue of #UoNGangs has escalated beyond imaginable limits. The story has taken a new twist after social media guru @RobertAlai and Students organisation of Nairobi university chairman, Mr Babu Owino took to main stream media to fight their wars.

@RobertAlai who had created the #UoNGangs topic on twitter had gone ahead to claim within the powerful social media platform that two students who were beaten by a mob to death outside Hall Two hostels at the university of Nairobi were Babu Owino’s enemies and that the chairman uses the #UoNGangs to threaten and maim those who are a threat to his leadership.

In a series of tweets, @RobertAlai claimed that Babu Owino’s PA was behind the killings of Ahmed Yusuf and Julius Omondi. In his defense, the powerful students chair said that he didnt know the two deceased students at a personal level and also denied that he had a PA by the name David Osano as @RobertAlai had claimed. Babu is known for his tough antics told off Alai and said that he might be forced to take bloggers linking him to the murder to court.

Speaking early today morning with Angela Angwenyi live on Nation FM, @RobertAlai reiterated that approximately 90% of the #UoNGangs are Luo students and by the virtue of Babu Owino being from the same tribe, he was at the forefront of controlling the gangs activities. He accused Babu Owino of using the gang to stamp his authority over students. @RobertAlai also requested Babu Owino to ensure that he clears university education and disappear from the education scene.

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There are gangs in the University of Nairobi, and 90% are people from the Luo community. It is easy for Babu Owino to manipulate them because he is a Luo. Mobs do not stab people with knives, they beat people to death. So why did these students have multiple stab wounds? ~ Robert Alai, social commentator

Babu Owino has not gone to the mortuary to see the bodies of the killed students because he know he wants to defend the killers. One of the students killed is a Muslim and he was buried yesterday. He was an orphan ~ Robert Alai

@RobertAlai’s words has elicited a number of reactions from both students and the public at large. One such notable reaction barely 30 minutes ago is from the tough talking former Moi University students secretary general Seth Odongo alias Dikembe Disembe. Dikembe as of yesterday had came out to defend Babu Owino against the allegations leveled against him by @RobertAlai.

Today morning he has taken Alai head on for trying to insinuate that students from the luo tribe are the only ones who can be members of the #UoNGangs and that their nature of vandalism makes them capable of killing their colleagues through mob justice. Though he acknowledged that @RobertAlai was his personal friend just as Babu Owino, the ODM blogger punched holes on the Kenyan social media guru’s claims.

“When my friend Robert Alai Onyango was yesterday forcing Babu Owino to provide a list of Luo students who are gangs at the University of Nairobi, I told Babu to be candid with Alai and tell him to his face that he won’t do it.

Luo students at UoN, just as they are at Moi, KU, Egerton, Maseno and all the other public universities are loud, outspoken and politically more engaged. To punish them for these is to punish the very Luoism in them…it is to punish them for being Luos.

And yes, there are instances where Luo students have been punished for being Luos. The incident at the University of Nairobi where two students (one being a Luo) were killed is unfortunate and must be condemned. However, it must be clear whether they were killed by a gang or a mob. There is a whole world of difference between ‘gang violence’ and ‘mob justice’.

These students were killed (which is sad) because they were being suspected of having stolen a laptop of another student. I do not know all the facts, but preliminary, it does appear they succumbed to their injuries after a mob attack. I reject the fallacious view that they were killed by a marauding gang of Luo students. I have tremendous respect for Alai and my strong friendship with him but on this incident I think he is just bashing Luos for no reason. It offends me and it offends all those who know and understand the victimization of Luo students”, Dikembe said.

Another person known as Enock Onyango O said,

“Why must he(Alai) state that the guy is a Muslim(Ahmed)? So the other was justified to die(Omondi)? Look, I’ve got no concrete proof on the innocence or guilt of these two students but it’s very bad to blame communities and quote religious backgrounds on this. And it’s so unprofessional for the media to have interviews with people like Robert Alai. He knows nothing but always yapping left right and centre”.

Out of all the bashing, George Akumu Odera supported the social media guru.

“Alai is a real man who takes the bull by its horns. We need 3Alais”, he said

Dont be left out of the discussion, what are your views on the above matter?. Do you believe that Babu Owino is behind the gangs?. What is your take?. Do you support Alai’s point or no?. Comment below or follow @MagazineReel on twitter for a live chat with Kenyan university students.



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