A Call to Professional Training on Android Mobile Application Development


Coders4Africa is calling out to anyone interested in learning how to develop an android application to register with them. Coders4Africa is a software development firm that trains, hires and manages technology teams in Africa. They offer distinct training programs, outsourced development services and foundry programs to nourish and grow internal ideas.


The 12 weeks programs is meant to be an intensive hands on training that will be facilitated by both Coders4Afica and Strathmore University. The program aims to train 30 individuals by the end of the 12 weeks.


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The hands on  classes will be conducted every Saturday as from 8am to 4pm starting on 23rd May, 2015 and expected to end in 25th July, 2015. Classes venue will be held at Strathmore University Longonot Lab.


  1. Be interested in Learning to Develop Android Applications professional
  2. Have your Android studio setup
  3. Good knowledge of Java
  4. Prior knowledge of developing for Android(Intermediary – Advanced)
  5. An understanding of JSON will be a plus


Training Program

          Module 1 – App Design

  • To appreciate the need for planning your screen flows before diving into code
  • To get a basic understanding of UX, ID & UI and how both play out in your app
  • To get the knowledge of the need for wireframing and mock up generation tools
  • To fully analyse the device your app will be end up in. Wearable, Mobile Phone, Tablet…

          Module 2 – Design Patterns

  • To appreciate the recommended Android design patterns
  • To fully take advantage of the Android Lollipop rich material design
  • To get the full knowledge on which design pattern to adopt for your screen and collectively your entire app

        Module 3 – MVC Frameworks

  • To apply MVC patterns into Android development
  •  To apply the full power of OOP and adhere to the DRY slogan

          Module 4 – File Handling & Data Storage

  • To be able to download a file and store it on the device for access later
  • To implement common tasks such as upload image
  • To implement local caching mechanisms (for offline storage and also reduce server requests for non-changing content) SQLite..etc
  • To appreciate different ways of managing data synchronization between the device and a remote content provider such as the server

      Module 5 – Hardware Components

  • To understand and be able to implement the hardware specific functionality such as the Camera, Bluetooth and GPS, etc

      Module 6 – Consuming RESTful APIs

  • To appreciate the APIs available for use in your app
  • To dive into some of the Google APIs such as Maps, Places API, Google+, Calendar
  • To dive into some of the third party APIs such as Facebook, Twitter, Parse, Foursquare, Instagram
  • To understand the use of JSON in consuming custom APIs

        Module 7 – Coding With the User in Mind

  • To learn best practices on how to display friendly error messages to the user
  • To appreciate the need for seeking permission from the user to do something such as obtain their location data or inform on the implication of a certain action
  • Letting the user maintain focus on where focus is really required

        Module 8 – Coding with the Coder in Mind

  • To appreciate the need for writing clean code
  • To learn some of the various modes of collaboration
  • To appreciate the need for commenting your code

        Module 9 – Intent, Services, Sync Providers

  • What do they do?
  • When do we use them?
  • To be able to demonstrate an understanding of this components via a practical implementation

        Module 10 – Fragments & Activities

  • How do we best make use of these building blocks?
  • When do we need a Fragment?
  • When do we need an Activity?
  • When do we need both an activity and a fragment at the same time?
  • To be able to implement the different ways of making use of these building blocks


Each module will cost KES 1,000. With 12 modules the total cost comes to KES 10,000.


To register to train in the android application program, CLICK HERE before slots run out.



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