A Conversation with Mute Friends


We all watch movies right? Black Panther, Game of Thrones, Incredibles, Noah’s Ark, XXX…just to name a few-read my favourite. The only thing you did not know is that same movie you watch every weekend is actual your Life. Our LIFE! Like T.V series, our lives are narratives in a seamless transition from beginning to middle to ending. Good thing though…We write it, direct it, and star in it. And of course, we’re the ones who decide who the major character(s)-apart from ourselves-are and what role they play in our tale…and for how long.

different characters expected in new episodes.

When we cast someone to be our close friend, we do so thinking she is the best individual to play that role. For me indeed the ‘she’s’ played that role so well with primary role being anything from listening to all our complicated stories, tolerating our rants about life and most importantly lifting us when we feel low. However, these contracts are not lifelong. What happens when YYY limited company offers your friend a better deal? Some better maybe ‘Mzinga Kwa bill yangu bro’. Not everyone we were close to at one point stays forever. Its a cold, harsh truth of life, one I have fought and fought over the years but to no avail. All the long talks and laughs about weird things suddenly changed; and all I know is, we no longer play each other’s close friends in our stories, and we’ve since cast new people to take over.

The progression of my plot has been steady, especially now as I enter my prime years. Overall I’d say things have been going on quite alright since you left. My new actors fit the bill nicely, just like you once did. Your positive impact on the plot during previous seasons was simply too great. You were fan favourite. For that, I hope you know that whether it’s a cameo appearance that lasts but one episode or a full-on reprisal of your role as close friend character, my story will always welcome you back in. Because of no one else-regardless of how good- can play that role except YOU.



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