A Fresher’s Day One, Hour One, Minute One on Campus


Did I see someone just climb to the third floor of the Education Complex to look for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS)? Am pretending I didn’t because I wasn’t ready for drama today.

But, am unwillingly reminded today is the freshers’ reporting day.

Well, that reminds me of my first day in campus when in registration line; all stories were just about KU. Everything. Egerton University was just in the printed Registration and Admission Forms. Not in our minds.

When dealing with a fresher you should expect anything. I found one of them having text books, and others having mattresses.

DayTheir parents too, get everything wrong, they are driving cars in pavements where even a bicycle in prohibited.
And for the first time I saw a Luhya fresher report without a sack of maize! Since when? I must be the first person to witness this. So Luhyas be like…what was he carrying then? Hehe. Just an envelope, containing his certificates, and the letter of offer. But let’s just close the confusion because, of course, that was not a Luhya guy, am just kidding.

Another dude has been in line for three hours only to get to service point and find that he has been lining up with students from the Faculty of Health Sciences.

His result slip was enough to tell him that he was in the wrong queue because, historically, a B plain grade will not allow you even to interact with a Medicine student. So he is lucky to have been with these guys for three hours anyway. But it’s time to go and look for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences where he belongs. Where he goes to look for the Faculty! My God! Are you the one who created freshers?

As usual, there are those freshers who are not accompanied by anyone from their home. Just like I did. These are mostly married guys (am not saying I was married) who believe they can go anywhere on earth without anyone to guide them. They behave like the geologists who make the GPS gadgets for locating places, when they don’t even know what GPS stand for.

You also never miss this category of specimens who have a strong love affair with alcohol. These fellows have been around for only forty minutes but they are already famous at Amazon and other alcohol joints I have never been to.
And they ask answers even when they have them. One just asked me where Kilimo Hall is when we were just at the entrance of the hall.

That is day one, hour one, minute one……..and second one of a fresher.



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