A HILARIOUS Letter to My Dear Campus Ladies


Daughter of her father, I write to you today because I have a word for you. Let’s take that aside first. I don’t want to start my letter without talking about your beauty. You are so beautiful. Your beauty exceeds that of Cleopatra because as at now she would be very old. When rumors of your beauty reached my ears I was so anxious to see you and shake your hand. I saw you finally but I have not managed to shake hand with you. It is because I have noticed something bad about you.

There are so many bad things I have seen in you but I can live with them except one. That justifies the reason why I write to you today. I am very sure that when you started becoming a campus lady someone gave you some advice that you should have self control in campus. Where did that advice go? Or rather I should ask you that before you know why I am disappointed with you.

letterIt is a few days past when news of abortion were heard. If you had self control that wouldn’t have happened. Imagine of a scenario that you are in your mother’s womb and how anxious and kicking you are that you are about to be born then suddenly you miss the privilege.

I write to lament to you that abortion is bad and barbaric and to educate you in the dangers of the practice.

You risk your life when carrying out abortion. Haven’t you heard of ladies who die when procuring abortion? There can be an instant death or a death caused by the aftermath. This can be cause by over bleeding. Late abortion also causes a lot of complications which are mostly fatal.

Dear campus lady, when procuring abortion you have a lot of hopes that you will live to see the next day after another. This happens. However, things may not work out pretty well as you may otherwise wish. Complications may necessitate total paralysis of your uterus so as to grant you a chance to live. If not that, you may have future problems when time for pregnancy is due.

I once witness a girl who would sometimes scream even in the middle of a lecture. Why? She had some psychological ill as a result of abortion. Mental images of the foetus cris-crossed her mind. No sleep, no piece during the day. Would you want the same to happen to you? Not, so refrain from getting pregnant unnecessarily.

Socially, I will not want to marry a lady with an abortion history. Every man will seek some background information of you before he finally settles on you. This also comes with the way you earn respect in your locality. No one will celebrate you for a bad act.

As I conclude my letter, I promise you that after you have heeded my advice then I will feel free to come and shake your hands.




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