A Letter from Miriam


Dear EK,

Receive greetings from me my dear one. It has been long since we chatted despite the numerous times I have tried to send you messages. It has been a long time since we had a call conversation despite the numerous times that I have called and you don’t take my calls. Our graduation day was just some few days ago and you know what happened.

First I want to apologize. Ever since that incident I have not had peace of mind. I am being troubled by your memories. The memories of our good times.

Allow me to take you through some flashback. You remember how you called me from my behind when I was walking to class back then in the early days, in our first year? Do you remember when I turned how you were so shy to express yourself? Do you remember when you finally got the chance to talk? Yours was simple. I still remember the actual words.

“ Miriam, ningependa nikuambie kuwa nakupenda.”

“mmm, na kwa hivyo ?”

“Na kwa hivyo ninaomba ruhusa unikubalie tupendane.”

miriamI still recall how your facial expressions were talking a lot. From the way you talked I was able to tell that you had never approached any lady before. Do you remember what I said? I know you don’t.

Sweetheart, I learnt several things from you. I learnt to be cool and relate with people of different kinds. Being with you was all I ever wanted in my life. I will be killing myself from within to pretend as if I don’t still need you. I decided to write to you this letter hoping that it will be difficult for you to ignore it. (As you have done to my emails, whatsapp chats, Safaricom texts and calls.)

Ever since the day you let that kid off you arms and walked away. I have been receiving pressure from my next of kin to come and explain myself to you. I fear to come because you might not welcome me and I will feel bad within me.

Dearest, I still love you from the bottom of my very heart. The heart that you occupy. That was not my baby but my sister’s baby who is fatherless. The kid always calls me mum. I am however offset that you broke your promise to marry me against all odds. But I know you are human too and have errors. I forgive you for that.

I am waiting for your reply. How I wish you will accept me back.

Yours in love,




  1. You could have made a phone call to accept immediately. Otherwise you may find it is a limited offer and my need to support it later. Piga hesabe EC

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