Meet a Ph.D Graduate Who is Now a Tea Picker for Lack of Employment


Gideon Kiplang’at Too,29 years graduated in 2010 at  Moi university. Where he had a Bachelors of Art in Language and Literary Studies (Literature).He then enrolled for masters at Kisii university,Kiplang’at didn’t stop there he is a second(2nd) year doctorate student in Literature.

In the village of Kiplamai in Nandi County, he is the Tea picking graduate. He is exactly the vice verse of what he wanted to be. Kiplang’at got a teaching job earned him 10,000 per month. He said that the money could be used upon monthly expenses. Kiplang’at said the money could not satisfy him since he leaved far from home.

When life was unbearable Kiplan’at decided to go back home. While he was at home he became a tea picker.He said that,

” It is unfortunate presenting education in such manner and that brings a bad picture of someone who has studied all the way to Ph.D.”

Kiplang’at has not lost faith since he wants to pay his fee for him to proceed in his Ph.D studies. Kiplang’at also said,

“Instead of being a role model to young people,or someone people could look up to as an example in their lives I have become a discouragement to the people of Kaplamai and the Nandi County.”

His parents tried and sacrificed to their level best to give Gideon good education but his journey has been a long and draining for them. Too told us about how his parents feel,

“The concern that my parents are raising actually is all about the education. They have educated me from primary and secondary school,Undergraduate, Masters and now that am in my second (2nd) year. They are wondering when I will be ripe enough to get a job.”

The dad also asked the government to help his son at least secure a job. Too earns 500 shillings everyday from the picking of Tea. He gets to save a few shillings for his education.

Kiplang’at is used to the sacarstic laughs, and weird looks from people in his village. This won’t distract the doctorate student from from his dreams of a white collar job. And a doctorate that will see him marching towards becoming a professor of literature in future.





  1. He was my teacher way back in form 1.2011…Such a sad state of affairs.He was a decent teacher.

  2. These things depend on individual…you can’t just study and not look for a job. He should wake up and do something that worth for him. Also jobs do not need education alone, one should do things related to what he does in campus so that one can get experience. no one can employ him if he continues with what he is doing at the moment.

  3. all that this guy lack is patience .,yunno you cant expect to shoot up from school then want to earn enough.boss,life’s a journey even our president didn’t just rise from nowhere and become the head of state.,you’ve got to employ some steps

  4. The problem is you !
    Ever depending on parents is being stupid. He should think critically men’s like a university material ! not as a tea picker please!

  5. Actually this can exist,for example,considering the state of our country Kenya in relevance to rampant unemployment among others evev including the increased rate of corruption. Its no longer a trusted/righteous nation.
    If it continues, then it will tell the incoming generation on no importance of excelling in academics.

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