Abortion: The 6 Better Alternatives You Ought To Consider,No5 Will Save you Lots of Tears

Alternatives to Abortion
Alternatives to Abortion

Hi my sister from another mother. Hope I’m not too late to present you with some much better alternatives to abortion.
But before we kick off, I would like to personally tell you that getting pregnant is neither a sin nor a crime. The action you choose to take afterwards is the one that determine and shape the rest of your life.Your decision will determine whether you will be smiling at this dilemma-situation 10 years down the line, or lock yourself in emptiness and self-condemnation for the things you did all in the name of saving your name and “Life”.

Dear, do you remember your childhood pals, the ones you thought you would always be best friends but now you no-longer keep in touch?
That’s exactly how life is. Today, you might feel like having gotten pregnant is the end of your world and that you have totally let down your parent(s). You may even be fearing that they will disown you, not forgetting the “Shame” you will get from your campus pals and those you used to tell that you’re going to stay a virgin till marriage. All those and many others will definitely make you feel at your lowest, especially when you’re not even sure about the guy responsible, or when he tells you that you’re now on your own.

But Hey! This is where the example of “Best-Pals for Life” comes in. What you consider your number one priority may not even be on your list tomorrow.
The shame you fear getting when others know about your pregnancy is definitely not equivalent to a constant reminder from yourself, to yourself, about the thing you did back when you were in campus. By then, the pals you so much feared will have forgotten your name by them. The parents you so feared disowning you may not even be on planet earth anymore. But you will be around. Around to remind yourself of what you did. Don’t forget that we are our worst critics. Your Self-Esteem will never be the same.

I got a bit carried away into your future life, lets get back to the alternatives of abortion. These alternatives may not be the best, but they are surely much better than abortion.

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1. Become A Mum.

Trust me on this. 3 years down the line, that feeling you will be getting when your own daughter/son comes running to welcome you back from work/campus is irreplaceable. No matter how bad your day went at work or how hard your final year project is getting, her/his smile will definitely give you a reason to push on and hope for better days.
The child will become your source of joy and happiness, as opposed to a constant reminder of the abortion you did when you were still in campus.

2. Give up The Child For Adoption.

If your worry is about raising the child and not carrying the pregnancy, then you have an option of actually giving birth then put up the child for adoption or better still take him/her to a relative or  friend willing to adopt the child. Some of the places you can leave the child include: Church compound on active days, hospitals, matatu Stages, Children’s home,your campus Guidance & Counseling Door.
Again, if it’s your parents you fear, you can skip going for that holiday. But let them know. At least that’s much better than terminating an innocent life, isn’t it?
If it’s your classmates you fear, then you can differ by a semester once the belly becomes noticeable. Luckily, you might even be on the long holiday. 😉

3. Use Emergency Pills (E-Pills)

These come in handy within 72 hours after you have enjoyed yourself. *wink*
However, it’s good to note that the pills do come with their side effects. Thus, don’t be using this as a means of regular protection from getting pregnant.

4. Use Contraceptives.

This is not a repetition of the previous method. There’s a big difference between “emergency” and “regular” Family Planning pills. The Usage of family planning pills and condoms is a much better alternative to abortion and E-pills. Condoms are provided to almost all Public universities and hospitals free of charge.

5. Abstain.

I never thought I would say this, but Yes, Abstinence is still a valid option even if you are past High school and no-longer do CRE.You won’t die if you starve that reproductive part of yours till marriage as they say and recommend.

6. Self-Pleasure.

Please don’t read on if you are sensitive to opinions different from yours.
Okay, now that those who don’t tolerate different opinions have closed the tab, I can comfortably go on and explain this alternative solution to abortion. Yah! masturbation will definitely calm your nerves and save you hours of worrying and rereading all the articles on the Internet about abortion and possible barrenness or even death if done wrongly.
Self-pleasuring also saves you the cash that you would have otherwise invested in procuring an abortion. But Hey! am still convinced that you can abstain. “Our Primary,High school Teachers and Biology of HIV/AIDS Lecturer said we can” so we can. I Know you trust all that the teachers say. So, this is not the time to divert.
All The Best My Sister from Another Mother. And That guy who went on to read Over 890 words meant for Ladies. *wink*



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