According to #Ngiritas, Here is How to Find out if You are a Chokoraa in Kenya


There are so many things happening in Kenya both funny and shocking. The latest being the right of an arrested person to ask for permission from policemen to take off their jacket so as not to be made dirty when they will be handling him or her.

Another which has probably made everyone’s heart skip abit is a speech from the Ngiritas, a family whose bank account was frozen by the government for allegedly being involved in a corruption scandal dubbed the NYS Scandal. The government claims that the family stole more than 9 billion shillings and stuffed them in their accounts from the public coffers.

One of the women in the circus and from the Ngiritas yesterday broke down after attending a court session. As she addressed members of the press accompanied by her lawyer, the women lamented over the predicaments, calling on to President Uhuru Kenyatta to make the NYS list public in order to ensure truth is revealed.

She noted that all their money had been withheld in banks and that they were being subjected to a kind of life they have never experienced before. She said that her son, now in standard seven now can not be able to go school since the school fees arrears has accrued to 3.2 million shillings in 2 years.

But what really came out strongly before she broke down and started wailing uncontrollably was her admission that her then royal son who was living like a prince, now wallows about anything and has reduced himself to a street urchin ‘Chokoraa’. Reason? Well, she strongly relied on the fact that her boy can no longer express himself nor speak in German but currently only speaks in English, Kiswahili and Kikuyu, languages she considers can only be used by street urchins oops ‘Chokoraa’.

Kenyans can now simply know if they are of the royal blood or are just chokoraas. Yes. Just ask yourself the following questions;

  1. Can you speak in English?
  2. Can you Speak in Kiswahili?
  3. Can you speak in Kikuyu or any other local language in Kenya?
  4. Finally, can you speak in German?

If you got the first 3 and failed the fourth question then you have it. You are a Chokoraa. Don’t maul about it, even the woman is a Chokoraa not to mention most people in the ruling government. Media personnel are also not left out in the Chokoraa clan.



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