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Vivian moved closer to me, wiped my lips with her finger and moved her lips to mine. Ruth was besides us like a priest joining couples. When we were just a centimeter away for the kiss to take place the door was opened and a young man stood there confused. My body released adrenaline hormone. I was ready for a fight for Vivian or a flight if need be.

“I am sorry for the interruption” He said. “Eeeh…Vivian I came to borrow your recipe book”

The rising temperature in me started cooling. That was when I observed something unique in Vivian. Hard work. She had a recipe book. She had written a collection of procedures of cooking various foods.

The young man took the book and vanished. I moved closer to Vivian who never resisted. Seized her by the waist. Pulled her tight into myself.

“Make a promise to me that you will not cheat on me.” She wanted a confirmation from me. I gave it without any slightest hesitation. And a kiss happened.

As if conditioned, Ruth and Miriam took some handouts and moved out promising that they will not be back until 7pm. With that I had all the afternoon to ‘promulgate’ my relationship. Never before had I been in a room with a girl, just the two of us. I released her from her hands and pretended to be thirsty.

“Dearest, please get me a glass of water.” I begged

Instead of bringing water, she mixed two glasses of juice and proposed a toast. Sweet! Sweet Juice. I drunk slowly by slowly, a sip after another as she asked me various questions. Ranging from what is my leisure pursuit to whether I have ever had sex.

As time went by I was experiencing a strange feeling in me. A feeling that I was yearning for something. I tried to hold it back inside me because I never knew how to ask for it and perhaps I never wanted to ask for it when my affair was just a few hours old. As time went by, it was burdening me. My vision became blurred and felt sleepy. She took the half glass juice from me. She undressed herself to her pink bikini and the son of man was there waiting for her next move.




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