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She undressed herself to her pink bikini and the son of man was there waiting for her next move. From the chair she lifted me to bed. I was shy and resistant but all I can remember was that my resistance was quelled in a manner that I never understood.

I woke up hours later. I was alone in bed. No one was either inside the room. Fear encroached me. Guilt was also attacking me. My trouser… I don’t want to say or where it was. I found it, and quickly it and put it on. I was in a hurry to leave. On opening the door I realized that it had been locked from the outside. I didn’t have the courage to jump through the window.I stayed there fighting with fear and guilt. I took my phone ready to call a friend to come to my rescue.It’s  when I read a very shocking text message.

“Hi, please take care, Vivian has placed some drugs in that juice and is setting you up. I am sorry I never warned you before niende exile. It’s Miriam”

The text message read. It was from Miriam, Vivian’s roommate. As soon as I finished reading the message the door was opened. Vivian came with a bucket and a piece of soap and her washed pants. She was coming from the bathroom.

“Oh my prince charming, you’ve woken, please have a seat I change then I will escort you to your room.”She told me.

I kept calm as if I had not known her trick. The son sat there and watched her rub lotion, wear her best cloths and apply lipstick.

“uko na credo kwa simu yako?”

She asked me as she approached my phone on the table.

I quickly took it and pretended as if checking the balance as I quickly delete the message. It was now done. I gave it to her. She called someone who she later told me that it was her uncle. Her uncle was to visit her the coming weekend

“Darling, my uncle is visiting me next weekend and I would like him to spend a night kwako.”She requested.

“Next weekend I too will be expecting a distant friend but I know my room will accommodate both.” I accepted her request.

She escorted me to my room. I reached to my keys but on trying to open it was already open. I did not need a calculator to know that Ken had arrived from MMUST. Before even I could introduce Vivian to ken, he was already on his feet. His eyes filled with rage. Vivian too was fitchetting.




  1. how on earth kan she du dat???…dat was xo creative of u..waambie..chochote kingaacho xio vivian

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