Across A Campus Lady: PART TWO


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“What is it Miriam?” Vivian rushed to her. Miriam rolled over and over on the bed without saying a word. She was holding her stomach. At first I thought she had some aching. I stood there and watched the drama. I wanted to chip and help in the consolation but I was limited by the fact that I didn’t know what the hell was burning.

“Jack, please leave us.” Vivian said to me.

“Vivian but …”

“But what?!” she yelled at me.

“What is your stand on my preposition?” I asked.

“Can’t you see the situation in the room? I say leave us now!” She yelled at me again.

Well, who am I to compete with her? I took my way with a consolation, after all it was approaching 10pm and the ten-to-ten rule strictly applies in this side of the Sahara. I walked with a low heart towards my room. Along the pavement were young men and ladies holding one another in their own special ways. I can’t challenge. I too will someday hold and kiss along the pavements like them. A consolation again. Just but a consolation.

A priest stood with authority and called the two to move forward. It was their day. They would be joined as one body and one soul. Being the best man I carefully led the bridegroom forward and stood by him. The priest was now ready to proceed with his work.

“…and God saw that it was not fit for man to be alone and saw he made him to fall into a deep sleep and created her out of his rib.” She said as she pointed at me. The bridegroom had mysteriously disappeared. No one bothered to look for him. Navivi, the bride, winked an eye to me. An indication that all is well. So, I took the vow to guard Navivi as lawful wife. She carefully placed a ring in my finger as everyone in the congregation cheered. Just then……

My phone was ringing. My dream had been rudely interrupted . Ken was calling to let me know that he reached MMUST safely. Looking at the clock it was 11AM. I had overslept. I woke up fast to go and finished the unfinished business with Vivian.

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