Adjusting Your Lifestyle: 4 Do’s and Don’ts of Living with Tinnitus


Tinnitus is a common condition that can interfere with a person’s daily life. Certain activities make symptoms worse as well. Fortunately, there are things a person can do and things he or she should avoid to manage this condition. The following are a few things any person suffering from tinnitus should try.

See a Doctor
There are treatments available for tinnitus, and every person suffering from this condition should learn the options available to them. This is especially true of those individuals who find they are unable to concentrate, read, take part in daily activities, or sleep as a result of the noise in their ears. The doctor can be of help in determining which treatments are most likely to be helpful and offer advice on how to avoid aggravating the condition. While there is no cure for tinnitus at this time, it can be managed. One of the first steps is seeing the doctor learn about the types of tinnitus and which treatment might be appropriate for you.

Make Lifestyle Changes
Lifestyle changes can be of great help in managing the symptoms of tinnitus. For example, sleeping with the head elevated helps to reduce head congestion and this can help make the tinnitus less noticeable. Adding white noise at bedtime often keeps the symptoms at bay and makes them less irritating if they are present. Some individuals also choose to make use of a tinnitus masker, and you may find this to be of benefit to you. Hearing aids work in a similar fashion and many people feel more comfortable with this option. It amplifies outside noise to mask the ringing in the ears. Also, consider alternative therapies as they can be of great assistance.

Avoid Stimulants
Stimulants may increase the symptoms of tinnitus. Caffeine, such as those found in sodas or coffee, should be avoided for this reason. The same is true of nicotine and alcohol. Certain prescription medications contain stimulants and people often don’t realize this. Energy drinks are full of stimulants as well but don’t contain as many as an eight-ounce cup of coffee. Another over-the-counter medication that likely contains stimulants is weight loss pills. This isn’t the case with all of them, so be sure to choose one that does not have stimulants if you suffer from tinnitus. If symptoms become worse after you eat or drink something or take a particular medication, it may be due to stimulants. Be sure to determine if this is the case so you know what to avoid.

Stress and Anxiety Contribute to Symptoms
When a person is anxious or under a great deal of stress, his or her tinnitus may become more apparent. Try to avoid stress and anxiety for this reason. Be sure to get plenty of sleep because fatigue can increase the symptoms of this condition and also add to the stress and anxiety a person is feeling. People who are concerned the tinnitus may be a symptom of a more serious disease should see a doctor. If this fear persists even after the doctor has cleared the patient of serious medical conditions, it might be time to see a counselor. Worry over an imaginary condition can also make tinnitus symptoms worse.

There is help for individuals suffering from tinnitus. However, what works for one individual might not be appropriate for another. For this reason, speak to a doctor today. He or she can be of great help in managing this common condition.



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