Afringa, an Online Recruiting Platform Establishes Office in Kenya

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The African online employment platform, Afringa has appointed Mr. Holger Vogt as regional director in East Africa. The firm has also opened an office in Nairobi, Kenya focusing on growing online recruitment market in the country.

The new firm’s regional director for East Africa has also emphasized that opening an office locally, will further strengthen their footprint across the region’s steadily growing online recruiting market.

Afringa to Consider Jobless Graduates in Kenya

Kenyan colleges graduates about 50,000 professionals each year. The number however, does not match the number of employees absorbed into available industries each year. There is therefore, a feeling that the new recruitment platform will widen the market for them and increase their chances.

We are observing exponential demand in this region for online recruiting services from local and foreign companies. Organizations continue to replace paper-based / offline recruiting processes with digital/ online HR solutions.”, noted Mr. Holger.

The firm manages a centralized online recruiting platform. Afringa also supports the local and multinational organizations to identify suitable job candidates more efficiently. It has helped local organizations to simplify their recruiting processes, by implementing online recruiting solutions and by moving away from receiving thousands of job applications via email.

According to the firm, given the low median age of African job seekers of only 20 years, few possess extensive working experience and specific skills. They therefore advise organizations to consider individual personality, character and motivation for a specific job.

Afringa replaces traditional cover letters with short asynchronous “Cover Videos” moving the personality, character and motivation to the very beginning of the recruiting process. Their entry into the Kenyan employment market will be further supported by AMENA
Africa Limited, a firm which advises private companies to access markets across the African continent.

The platform currently connects more than 15,000 members in 40 African nations. Founded three years ago by a German entrepreneur, Afringa sets new standards on how African business professionals, entrepreneurs, and young talent connect with organizations and career opportunities across the African continent.



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