The Agedian Girl

university administration

By Hesborn Nyagoko.

When she finally settled on the best course of choice, she endorsed her decision on the JAB form and, congratulations, she had secured a vacancy in BSc. AGED- on a competitive basis, of course. She became so happy for having got such a nobble chance in her life time.

What she never knew was the consequences awaiting her as a result of her choices.

AgedianShe comes to campus and before orientation is over, she realizes she has missed several classes, assignments and CAT 1 is just around the corner. That is a time when none of your lecture has turned up and you have no idea how a lecture is conducted in a university!

In her first semester, she does the number of units you will do in the next two academic years. She has to perform good so this makes her perform several adjustments in her campus life at least to cope with the situation.

She wakes up at 4AM when I even don’t know how 8.00AM at Egerton University looks like! She leaves for classes and comes at night. All lectures are concurrent and if there is a free time she has, then it is when the lecturer comes late for the class. Luckily. She will not be coming to the room at any time during the day so she must carry all her academic accessories in her bag all over like a tourist.

She also carries ‘a cross’ whenever she is walking, a tool which am informed she uses for drawing and designing. Imagine how dedicated this girl is! All because she wish to have a good life for herself and those who depend on her – children, parents and husband? No. Maybe. I don’t know.

This girl has no idea where the kitchenette for her hostel is situated. She never cooks there though cooking to her is a major-if not the major- hobby.

Their hostel life is always different! Their beds are rarely used and she returns her mattress as new as she got it. It takes time to familiarize with an Agedian roommate and once you get her on the street, which will happen only once in your entire stay in campus, you will take time before you vividly recall where you normally see her; let me not talk of recalling her name.

This girl enjoys when she has two exams in a day while some other guy, two exams in two days may make you consider a deferment. To her that is the least she can expect.

Ask her for a date and a joker will refer you to the long holiday, when she is free. For serious ones you will have to wait till graduation.

This girl knows Kilimo Hall as a lecture room and not for any other business. She needs a handout to know why she sometimes sees posters labeling Kilimo Hall as ‘Klub Kilimo’. Talk of Friday bash and she will refer you back to those days during orientation when she met her friends for a common drink. Now someone in Lavington is having a bashment on Monday at 10.00 am and the hangovers last the whole week!

This girl came here four years ago, and she is going home with the original ascent she came with whereas me, a dude form Nyakemincha Mixed Rehabb Center and School, can now speak with a Canadian ascent.
In my understanding, the Agedian girl is that girl who never live to enjoy the campus life she always dreamt and worked hard for!!!!!





  1. Keep it up comrade…I declare blessings on u with my prophetic toungue!!! So soon u’l land a job with one of the media houses, believe me…

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