AGEDIAN LADY REPLIES!!!; Someone tell Mr.Caleb Koyo…

Students cooking within the Kitchennet in Ruwenzori- Maringo area at Egerton university

“Their mission to re-shape the face of the universe unstoppable.”

My point exactly Mr.Koyo. Agedian ladies are super women,unshakeable,unbwogable,extremely focused. Yes! we do milk cows when guys like you are still yawning their heads off in bed, hugging the blankets closely cursing why the day had to break so fast. Do you know just by the simple snapping of our powerful fingers, milk can turn into Egerton yoghurt? We are superwomen,remember? Na sio tafadhali.

We don’t walk with ropes,the hell?! And the extraordinary bag, well, that’s kind of debatable. Weaves lies on merely someone’s personal choice,for the shoes…Please give us a break! My shoe,my choice. Akili ni nywele, sio viatu. Gumboots ni wewe. We don’t walk with gumboots everywhere, get your facts right.

agedianMr.Koyo allow me to site this cliché, “Love knows no boundaries, loves knows no AGED, ENSC nor AQUA”. Yes! we are busy bees but hell, we also have time for all those sweet nothings. The secret is time management. Period!. You make it sound as though we ain’t got a life of our own.

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Packed lunch ni wewe. For the record, we spend a considerable amount of time in the kitchenette preparing healthy food. We love our bodies too much, we don’t have plans to poison our system with chips. Besides,chips ina wenyewe , kama wewe.

Yes, we do exercise a lot(read run)as we rush to class in the first two years in Campus but the system changes from the third year onwards. Just let Agedian ladies be. It might be a bumpy ride but success sure awaits.

So now you call us men?? What is the world coming to? Is it because we do extraordinary things? So now,because we are extremely awesome and leave an indelible mark on people’s lives, we are suddenly men? Height of impunity! Isorait.

The battle is on Mr.Koyo! We are coming for you, not with weapons or arsenals, but with our sharp brains. Watch this space.

I rest my case!




  1. Yesssss tell him hun n let him be warned am on my way too:: he should no that still waters run deep n we not wat he is trying to portray

  2. We are coming for you,
    not with weapons or arsenals, but with our sharp
    brains. Watch this space….Hahah ….TF?

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