Agha Khan University Hospital Import Pakistani Labourers and Sacks 400 Kenyans


Tension is growing at Agha Khan University Hospital as the Ismaili community which runs the hospital now replaces Kenyans with foreigners from Iran and Pakistan. The building tension has raised the tentacles of leading security, immigration and labour officials in the government that it might only be a matter of time before the conflict becomes and all out diplomatic standoff.

According to sources inside the hospital and a letter available, the university is saying that it is retrenching 447 Kenyans in a reorganisation move while in the real sense it is importing foreigners with questionable credentials to take up the jobs of locals.

A Mr. Khurram (Pakistani) now heads Budget and Planning department which was previously headed by Peter Maina. Prof Ojwang has been displaced at the Pathology department Prof Zul and Moloo while Pharmacy department now has 4 foreigners (Zyaid, Raza, Flakana and Zurndiji) replacing Joyce Nduati. Engineering department is now headed by Zaaker Ian replacing David Kimeu.

Others replaced are from the Finance, IT and Radiology departments.

Aga Khan University Hospital


The changes have been initiated by an extremely racist and arrogant CEO called Shawn Bolouki from Iran. The actions of the CEO from Iran are similar to the same way his fellow Iranian Shahab Mehski ran down Kenya Data Networks and CISCO East Africa.

Despite President Uhuru promising to provide jobs for Kenyans, it is not clear why the government is not making any serious moves to stop the displacement of qualified and experienced Kenyans in key facilities with foreigners. Such a displacement will mean only that the Kenyans will have to migrate to foreign countries and leave the local jobs to foreigners with very questionably credentials and extremist links.

Aga Khan University

Aga Khan University

There has been a temporary reprieve on the matter as the Industrial Court stopped the retrenchment process as dispute between the employees and the University Hospital goes through a legal process but with the influence of His Highness The Agha Khan, this might not last long.

Despite being a non-profit venture, the Agha Khan Hospital University Hospital is a leading premier health provider in Kenya, Pakistan and United Kingdom. It is also a key health education provider in Pakistan and Kenya. The campus in Nairobi’s Parklands neighborhood was founded in 1958.

Source: KahawaTungu



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