Agoro Sare Alumni, the Youngest Candidate in Ugenya By-elections

Brian Omondi of Ugenya

Voters in Ugenya constituency go to the polls today Friday following nullification by a court of the election of their former MP and ODM Party candidate.

Brian Omondi, 27, from Ugenya Masiro is the youngest candidate in the contest. The Agoro Sare High School alumni and KCA graduate is coming head to head with heavyweights in the political landscape of the county and hopes to win. His name is in the lips of many including the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, a fate he considers an achievement on his part.

Today morning, allegations of voter bribery had already hit the streets with a number of people especially Brian Omondi’s supporters claiming that another candidate’s brother had been found with fake ballot boxes and papers in his car driving towards a polling station.

The by-election has already kicked off in most of the stations with voting materials already distributed to the 112 polling stations in the constituency.

Candidates threw in all their weight in last minute door to door campaigns.

For ODM, it’s about saving face after its win in the last General Election was contested in court. And then we people like Brian Omondi of the third way alliance who want to teach the big boys a political lesson.

The constituency has 57,008 registered voters according to the latest statistics by the IEBC. It is these votes that four candidates from different political parties will be scrambling for Friday, in their hopes to be declared winner by Ugenya returning officer Vincent Saitabau.

ODM’s Christopher Odhiambo Karani, the former MP, is seeking to reclaim his seat, snatched from him by the courts after a successful petition by Mr. David Ochieng of Movement for Democracy and Growth (MDG).

Daniel Juma of Grand Dream Development Party is also eying the seat.

Even if Third Way Alliance’s Brian Omondi Onyango does not win the seat, he has entered into the good books of record as one of the youngest people to contest for a highly rated political post in the country. His former school Agoro Sare is synonymous with producing political leaders from across the board with former Nairobi County governor Evans Kidero being at the forefront.



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