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Dating why campus love

“Gravity is not responsible for those falling in love.” You may have come across this quote, or today you have. What really counts about this is its most applicable meaning, especially in campus life. Lots have been said about love, enough to call excess, am not going to add to the number – but campus love is untold, and even ignored in its entity.

‘I won’t fall for a campus dame or dude’ is often the tone of a chat among best friends, its good to note though, how genuine this tone is and especially before joining campus. With very genuine reasons: campus dames are spoilt bad girls or campus dudes are real time cheats. But as guys advance into college life, hardly will you see him or her without an ‘intimate’ companion. Does this ‘opinion’ change with time or do guys just lie? Its good to find out.

With much observation and inference, my conclusion is bold enough to hold water for a very long time, this relationship game plays differently with the campus settings, much affected by how much time comrades spend together, but the underlying factor is common.

Dating why campus loveLadies will always fail to admit the power guys have that make them keep a constantly updated list of principles, often when cornered in a conversation with friends, the best they give is ‘I just like this guy,’ followed by a long strings of emotional expressions of how good the guy is – amazing these are often vain illusions. Guys on the other hand seem very sober with relationship emotions, they don’t often come to the ‘why’ factor in friendly chats, but when they do, its normally a confirmation, ‘do you love that chic?’ and this often comes with a very straight predictable answer, ‘am not sure.’

What most guys fail to see is the kind of relationship they are really working on, Friends with Benefits (FwB). This is not the kind of thing our ‘good’ ladies easily want to admit. They want a real relationship, honest and without forgetting the ‘only me’ aspect of it. Gentleman on the other hand accept to grant the wish, but with much failure, they don’t just see it working for them, its not the kind of staff that make them feel the college-guy he watched on his latest movie series.

And with these uncertainty, these relationships don’t last semesters, except for few occasions where the both comrades knows exactly what they are into. Lately there is a trending tendency that shall go viral in campus, ‘lets move in next semester.’ Am not sure its life span, but it develops at a high rate.



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