An Open Confessional Poem To The Lady-Editor


I really don’t know why, but I always find myself smiling whenever she locks up my article for editing. That feeling of her being the first one to read my thoughts makes me feel kinda special. I know that’s just but a false feeling, but still, it gets me happy and smiling.

Do I always sound so boring and senseless? Or my articles are so charming and priceless. Do I make so many mistakes in my pieces?  Or give her an easy time to an extent of her blowing me kisses. Anyway, lemmie quit making such guesses.

Am here to apologize Lady-Editor,
Please forgive me. The thought of having hurt her makes me shed tears even when my team wins, I no longer cheer.
Feel pain, pain all over like a hot-pin-pierce.

Resetting her edits was accidental; All I wanted was to attach a picture but errors took over my human nature and now the thought of her being upset with me, is a mental torture.

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I hope she will find a place in her heart to forgive me. For I did hurt her, in spite all the attention she gives me. At such a time, her smile will definitely heal me. And lack of it will unfortunately kill me.

One last favor Lady-Editor. Allow me to make this confession, I envy her, envy her with passion. If she was from West Africa, would have accused her of using some love portion. But that’s not the case here, since she even goes for morning devotion.

In case you are the one editing this, I did type it with caution. Be pardoning My unnecessary Capitalization. Oh! Not forgetting my sarcastic intonation.
Don’t give up on me Lady-Editor, I’m heading towards perfection.

I’m not so sure if this will be published,
But at least I now have peace of mind.
If you were to publish it, still, I wouldn’t mind. Surprisingly I have never seen you, but I know you are kind.
In fact, I don’t want to search for your photos on Facebook, for they might make me even more blind, or totally change my views. Keep up the good work Lady-Editor, and before you know it, you will not just report but also make news.

Don’t worry about my welfare, for I am happy when you’re happy.
The rest is mine to bear.



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