An Open Letter to My Crush


Dear crush.

How are you doing. This might be a bit boring but keep on reading. I think you will find this interesting.

I have had a lot of thought provoking things with my friends lately. I happened to talk about you. They shed a lot of light on the ideas I have about you and how this can affect how you perceive me. I hence thought it better I explain how I feel about you.

CrushI know I like you and it can not be. You are not a superstar, rocket scientist or a movie star, but there is something about you being yourself and me not looking to something else that makes it all perfect. Not perfect as in absence of errors nor like absence of desires or miscommunication. We both have flows, but somehow they are diminished between the hours we spend together. They just fit.

I am good with physical attractions and the first time I saw you, I thought you were handsome. However I don’t get too carried away with physical attraction hence I decided to know you better from a distance. The little I knew about you made you even more attractive. You are down to the earth funny, open minded and determined. Super-attractive.

The thing is, I like you. You like me too but I didn’t give you the chance to show, right? Am just not good at giving men the ” green light”. Am the kind of lady that will make you think am not interested in anything when men, I AM. Maybe because am shy or fear how it will end up. Afraid of this relationship staff, I friend-zoned you.

I wrote this to get it off my chest and let you know I did like you. But am just over you. Yea, over the crush. This because I got tired of waiting. Not seen anything to suggesting that you are interested in me or expressing it. I thought the feeling was not mutual.

We would have looked good together. We might have really hit it off but no hard feelings at all. I enjoyed the crush although it was overbearing. I hope we find the love of our life. Bye.




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