An Open Letter To My Facebook Ladies


Yesterday, I branched at the daily nation Nakuru offices to say hi to a friend. I did not intend to read anything but a news headline caught my eyes and got me writing this.

This is it “Police have interviewed shadowy millionaire and ultimate ‘tenderpreneur’ Joseph Wanjigi over the death of businessman and twitter activist Jacob Juma.”

The object of my concern over that post was the how many times the paper emphasised on Wanjigi’s anti-publicity. An influential figure in social, political and business circles yet terribly reclusive.

Basically, there are people who fear the limelight even if doing something positive the world should know while there are those fighting tooth and nail to have spotlight focused on them. If they can’t find anything positive to confer on them the much needed publicity, they will go yonder and become controversial. To be controversial, you need a scandal. How? Well, pull an infamous publicity stunt to attract a sizable crowd.

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May I cut our ladies down to size and put them in their place in light of Wanjigi’s shyness?
“Dear ladies, we are aware of what a phone with powerful megapixel camera mean to you. In as much as Wanjigi is trying to avoid the publicity, you are busy trying to get noticed for wrong reasons. Albeit you do receive more ‘likes’ than what an average man would, your rationale for posting pictures on facebook is worrying and desecrate.

I am not overly male chauvinist, infact i am an indefatigable crusader of women’s rights. But look, what do you think of yourself the moment you take a photo of your butts or excessively decorated face and display on facebook, demanding ‘One word for me’, expecting to be stroked, approved, comforted and patted on the shoulder. You see, already, you have disadvantaged all of us by your decorated faces because, any time a passport sized photo is needed, it must be a recent one. Why? Because you only retain your identity on the identification cards handed to you by the government but the holder of the document rarely resembles the bearer of the same!

My ladies, were you aware any time you post us such photos you are suffering from low self worth and esteem, you don’t have faith in yourself-terribly desperate for flattery and compliments or simply put; social acceptability and you have need of a counselling psychologist for psychotherapy. I bet only ugly ladies will get exact confirmation from us but we are good people, we will always respond positively although you maybe catastrophically ugly. So it is advisable to keep your pictures and post something resembling seriousness.



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