APPLY NOW!!! ‘Lipa kama Student’ only with Buymore Card


Talking of the hustles in campus, all has been said on how guys should evade major events like valentines. How guys should fake abduction just to take the thoughts of their girlfriends away from the chocolates, dinner dates and rose flowers. How guys should find a way of breaking up before date 14th and ask for forgiveness on 15th of February. This is not the only scenario, imagine attending all those classy parties dubbed cocktail and requiring you to cough out more than 4K for much less.

Imagine that which can make you go straight to a restaurant, be proud of your status as a student and just by the virtue of you being so special, you get to order your favorite chicken dish at the cost of a fried sukuma wiki 😂😂😂!. I had to giggle because this is so amazing and it has happened to me.

Now imagine having the ability to buy a designer clothing for half the marked price or attending an event for much less than the price on the ticket card. Imagine booking pretty holiday destinations during the valentines day for far much less than the cost of a rose flower or the cost of booking an apartment in a middle class hotel. Imagine having your hair done for hundreds of coins less than you should have paid. All this is possible at the moment if you stop imagining and come with me to subscribe to this amazing service offered to all University Students and members of the public.

A company called Buymore has designed and is giving out student discount cards that will make you live classy, experience more fun as a student but still keep your financials on the low. Yes! Go right ahead and book Hostels for much more less than fellow students! Dunda kama Baller na Buymore Card round this!

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Is it your birthday? Is it your anniversary? Is it your graduation? Or you just want to enjoy cake because you love it? Head straight and subscribe for your Buymore card. Immediately you will get discounts on goods and services and everything else will be classified as affordable for you. Let less money do much more for you.

The company which started a year ago has had a chance to partner with companies such as BlackForest House to enable students in Kenya to enjoy their delicious cakes at a discount. Yes, you get to enjoy BlackForest’s wide variety of cakes at a Buymore discount of 10% off. Imagine sharing a high class cake for as little as 90 shillings instead of 120 shillings. That is not all, get cake slices at KES 225, this is 10% off, in addittion you can also order for your Graduation cake at KES 6,000 for a 5kg cake. You and your family members don’t deserve the hustles of mixing all the ingredients to process a cake yet everyone should be celebrating. Just choose on Buymore and let the amazing card do the negotiations for you.

This is how you can have this amazing card. Visit Buymore Discount Card Now and order a card by filling a very simple online form HERE. Join the community of over 7000 students in Kenya. Buy more now because you deserve and can with the little you have. Tusifinyiliwe kama mastudee…kataa hiyo kwa kuwa show unaweza buy more ukiwa na BUYMORE CARD.




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