Uproar as Chuka University Expels More than 20 Students from Two Tribes Over Past Chaos

chuka university

Kenyans have taken to the social media to condemn actions taken by Chuka University to discontinue more than 20 students allegedly from only two tribes in Kenya. The students have allegedly been expelled following past chaos which resulted to the indefinite closure of the varsity.

A list doing rounds in Social media has shown names of more than 20 students who have allegedly been dismissed from the central Kenya based institution. A lot of people commenting on the said activity have condemned the decision referring to it as selective and oppressive to only specific tribes in Kenya.

According to the list, the students all come from the western side of Kenya. The students said to be aligned to the opposition politics in Kenya have allegedly been shown the door following bad blood between them and members of other tribes considered friendly to the institution’s administration. Others have also formed a narrative that the university has been convinced by a narrative that only the people from the two tribes do engage in acts of hooliganism.

Another group has also come out to defend the institution’s decision calling it independent and based on the available evidence.

This is not the first time that Kenyans were taking to the social media to condemn vices of tribalism in the institutions of higher learning. Late last year, Kenyans took to their handles to condemn the activities which were happening at the University of Eldoret. The UoE community had allegedly ganged up against the Vice chancellor for allegedly employing only members from her community.

The events at Chuka university comes only days after the University of Nairobi gave out suspension letters to more than 200 students. The UoN has also said that the students will face the disciplinary committee to explain their involvement in the recent chaos that rocked the institution.




  1. I wonder where we are heading to. Tribalism has become part and parcel of our lives. But this disease is slowly disntergrating our well being in this country.They say charity begins at home; as evident with our campus politics. Its imagine is magnified in the real kenyan political, educational among other scenarios .Am afraid.!!

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