Are Atheists Justified In Their Beliefs?


On 24th April, 2014, the Daily Nation carried a story of an atheist who was trying to convince people why he doesn’t believe that God exists. After combing through the story analytically, one would be able to decipher the contradictions that were brought to the fore. These contradictions are the ones I would like to dwell on and let you be the judge.

atheistFrom the story, we were told that one of the basic tenets that crystallized the existence of atheism is the depiction of God as a harsh God in the bible. A case in point is the killing of all the Egyptians first borns during the Passover celebration in order to compel Pharaoh to release the Israelites from bondage. Another case is when God killed mankind using floods and saved Noah’s family only.

According to the atheists, God shouldn’t go to such extremes when punishing sinners. The question that came into my mind after reading this is; does God’s harshness negate His existence? If they believe what the bible says about God’s harshness, why should they not believe the same bible which proclaims His existence? Is this a case of double standards? I later concluded that this is a case of a kid who will say that he doesn’t have a dad after being punished severely by the dad.

The guy being interviewed also admitted that he once shouted the name of God when he almost encountered an accident. The reason he gave for doing that was that those were some of the remnants of the Christian beliefs that were instilled in him when he was young. To me, that was a fallacy because when he encounters another accident ten years from now, he’ll still shout the same name. This implies that the guy still know God exists but he is living in denial.

As a result of the existence of atheism which is clearly hinged on wrong premises, we are urged to look for solutions bedeviling the society empirically. That’s why atheists don’t believe in spiritual solutions to our societal problems. Looking at history, atheism had an influence on Carl Marx which led to the birth of Communist states that impose a form of tyranny on their citizens. They ended up creating a state of their own image without coming up with a solution to any problem.

We all know we can’t solve all our problems empirically. If that would have been possible, then atheists should tell us how to solve the problems of earthquakes, landslides and Tsunamis. Looking at the group keenly, it is composed of self-righteous professionals who think that they have a solution to every social problem. There is a saying which says; professionals built the Titanic which sunk, but armatures built the Ark which never sunk.

From the Daily Nation story, the atheist also questioned why God put Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and placed a snake in the garden at the same time. According to the atheist, God didn’t have any good intentions for Adam and Eve. Well, this one doesn’t warrant much of my attention. As I said earlier, protesting about God’s intentions doesn’t negate His existence.

The World’s most famous atheist Richard Dawkins, the British evolutionary biologist once encouraged atheists to come out of their closet and advocate for an unholy war against traditional religious beliefs. This implies that their main premise of their existence is not actually the disbelief of God’s existence but to oppose the mainstream religious fundamentals. Therefore, if most religions changed today and started believing the inexistence of God, then atheists will start believing that God exists.






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