Are the Universities a Sign of How the Society is Rotten


A high percentage of students who get into Kenyan universities can be said to be fresh who are yet to be exposed to the dirtiest things of this world. On the other hand, the remaining small percentage enters the university while they are already “dirty”.

In recent years when HELB was not a loan but a Grant, University students were respected by the society. The reason being that they themselves were role models to the young generation in the then society. What about now? Even a blind man can see the difference.

UniversitiesUniversities have become the center of all evil in the society; the main drug centers, devil worshipers’ centers, Centers for sex trade among other things. It is only in the University where you find someone walking naked yet the person is referred to as well dressed. The university student are the main perpetrators of all this evil activities that take place in this institutions of higher learning. Can they make good role models to the generation to come? No not even in Hell.

What causes all these? No matter how you passed your KCSE and got yourself to the university of your dream that’s all this what many students say. Ooh they are comrades not students.

A lady gets to the university but after 1st semester she realizes the education life is not simple and she discovers ways of getting excellent grades. Call them Sexually Transmitted Grades(STGs) if you like. Same to some male comrades though not common. Yes you have the STGs with you what about the STIs/STDs. Do you care about your moral life. Where are the ethics that our great grandfathers would always teach us? Or who will teach us?

The quality of graduates is also being put to question. If this is all future teachers, doctors, Engineers, Economists among many other professionals do in the universities can they be trusted to perform to their best in the job market?

To better the future and have a generation on which the country can depend on things must change. We must embrace moral ethics in the society. Of course if one goes against the society ethics he/she is not subjected to any punishment but let not leave what is good for the society behind in the name “Swag”.




  1. gone are the days when good morals were a big deal. role models no longer exist in comrades I would rather have a role model in my unlearnt mum or dad

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