Babu Owino Exits student politics after Embakasi East Nomination Victory

Babu Owino,Tibim, Raila Odinga and CORD Uhuru Park leadership Babu Owino

In a statement shared on social media, Babu Owino indicated

Today I tender my resignation as a SONU chairman and now I will organize for SONU elections. A big thank you to comrades for your support.

Babu Owino won the Embakasi East parliamentary ODM Nominations beating his closest competitor Francis Masinde with a wide margin.

Babu  Owino will now face the winner in the Jubilee Embakasi East Nominations in the August 2017 general elections.

Babu Owino has served as SONU chair for three terms recording history as the longest serving student leader in the history of student politics. He lives behind a history of  the most powerful student leader in the 21st century.

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